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Datolites of Michigan
Updated September 2021
   Datolite almost always come in the form of crystals, and there is only two places in the world where the datolites come in form of porcelianlike solid nodules; the copper ore regions of  the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Shore of Minnesota. Such datolite nodules are commonly white, but some of them come in a variety of colors that make them even rarer and more desirable. They almost always come in small sizes, from marbles to baseballs and I have seen few specimens as big as basketballs at Seaman Mineralogical Museum at Mich. Tech. University in Houghton, Michigan. Their uniqueness, colors, beauty, nearby locations, and rarity are the reasons why they're my favorite mineral, and the best thing is that since I live in Michigan, I get to try my chance finding them each summer.

  Important Notice regarding rockhounding the copper mine dumps. A number of mine dumps have been sold as private properties resulting in the uncertainly of collecting privileges. Some places may be subject to Commerical Forest Act. It's best to contact the Copper Country Rock Club for updates regarding the collecting sites.

 .[What is Datolite and What Does They Look Like?]
 .[Rainbow of Datolites]

 Houghton County:
   [Arcadian Mines]
  .[Calumet & Hecla Mines]
   [Centennial #2 Mine]

   [Franklin] (my best datolite nodule is in this page)
  .[Isle Royale Mine] 
   [Laurium & LaSalle Mines]
   [Quincy, (colored)] Updated August. 2021
   [Quincy, found by Jeffrey A.]
.[Saint Louis Mine]

.[Wolverine #2 & #4 Mines]

  .[Winona Mine]
  .[Other Rare Locations of Houghton Co.]
     (Osceola, Ahmeek and Old Superior)

 Keweenaw County:
  .[Central & Central Exploratory Mines]Updated August. 2021
  .[Clark Mine]
  .[Clark Swamp Adit datolites found by JeffreyA.]
[Copper Falls Mine]

   [Connecticut Mine] Updated August. 2021
  .[Delaware Mine]Updated August. 2021
  .[Delaware Mine (Datolites Found by JeffreyA.)]Updated August. 2021
  .[Drexal Mine] Updated August. 2021
   [Hill Creek Fissure (behind Copper Falls Rest Area)]
  .[Iron City(Empire)]Updated August. 2021
   [Iroquois Mine]
   [Keweenaw Point and Highrock bay] Updated August. 2021
   [Mine Pits of Isle Royale] Updated August. 2021
  .[Montreal & Cape Mines]
  .[Mandan Pit]Updated August. 2021
  .[Phoenix & Robbins(West) Vein Mine]
  .[Shores of Lake Superior]
   [South Cliff] 
   [Star Mine]
  .[Wyoming (Bluff) Exploratory Mine] 

   [Datolites from Rare Locations of Keweenaw C.
       (Arnold, Gatriot, Mohawk, Seneca, St. Clair, North American, & Cliff)

 Ontonagon County:
..[Adventure Mine] 
   [Bumblebee Mine]
[Caledonia & Kowlton Mine]

 ..[Caledonia Mine (Datolites found by JeffreyA.)]
   [Lake Mine]
   [Nassau/Flintsteel Mine]
   [Mass Mine]
   [Michigan Mines (S, C and other shafts)]

   [Ridge Mine]
   [Superior Mine]
[Datolites from Rare Locations around Ontonagon County]

       (Minesota, Evergreen, Aztec, Toltec, Victoria, Bohemian & National)

    [Northern Shore of Minnesota]

- Kamloops "datolites" (actually silicified clay aggregates)