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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Online Museum:
Central Datolites
Central & Central Exploratory Mines, Keeweenaw Co., Michigan
Field-collecting Status: Private-owned. No treapassing!
Central Exploratory is a private property and piles are mostly gone: Collect at one's own risk.

    The Central Mine was one of the longest running fissure mine which is an unusual case since the fissure-based mines tend to be short lived. It's well known for so much copper produced from the mine. The datolites are not common there and once they're found, they tend to be colorless. There was a story of how a Central miner took a fancy to the datolites and he collected any datolites he find as he hauled the rocks up from the underground mines. So it's possible to see any white and coarse grained Central datolites in the old collections.
   The Central Exploratory Mine is an exploratory mine to the south to test its potential for copper mining and there had been some mining efforts there that bought copper, silver and datolites up to the surface. The datolites are mostly white and some are dotted with black spots. I have yet to see any colorful datolites coming from the site since the datolites recently showed up during the bulldozing of Central Exploratory piles. There are nearby mines such as Northwestern, St. Clair and Dana and few datolites appeared to have been found there.

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Central Fissure Mine




I actually found this at the end of Washington Mine Road. Construction crew brought the rocks from Central to pave the dirty road. A find of copper chisel chip found at the same place also confirmed its location.
August 2010
Classic Datolite
from Central #2

Coarse grained datolite
Central Mine

  Central Exploratory Mine
datolite datolite datolite
Interesting colors
Typical white datolite
Found by Jeffrey A. August 2010
With dots and faint yellow hue,
Found by Jeffrey A. August 2010
datolite datolite datolite
Dotted with some orange coloration.
Found by Jeffrey A. August 2010
Gray with faint greenish hue
Gray with faint greenish hue
datolite datolite
Larger size with red dots all over
Unusual specimen