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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Online Museum:
Datolites from Star Mine
Star Mine, Copper Harbor, Keweenaw CO., Michigan
Field-collecting Status:  Forestry Management and licensed for lumbering.
OK to Collect but at one's own risk.

    Like Clark and other nearby mines, the Star Mine did not produce sufficient copper supply to continue mining so it was a short-lived operation during the 1860s. What remained of the Star Mine are Office and Powder houses that are becoming overgrown with trees and plant that I almost missed them while exploring around looking for the mine piles of Star Mine. It had been reported that they penetrated a greenish "mudrock" enriched in datolites when they sunk the shafts there.  That inspired the legends of many datolites hidden within the mine dumps waiting to be found and the people were excited when the local club finally bulldozed one mine pile recently (2010). But to their disappointment, few Star datolites were found. The datolites are mostly white with opaque green hues and few had been found with red, yellow and green hues.

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pic pic
Star mine Powder House
Bulldozed Mine Pile



rare greenish color Faint orangish hue Very faint yellow color

Pinkish hue