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Ojibway Datolites
Mohawk, Keweenaw Co., Michigan
Field-collecting Status:  Owned by a Logging Company, collect at one's own risk.

    The datolites from Ojibway Mine were quite an unexpected discovery, and the first datolites I saw coming from Ojibway was the white ones with gray copper inclusions concentrated at the center. I tried to find those datolites with no success until I explored one side where I found one datolite nodule just when the sun was setting. So I came back to that area the next day, and found one more! Those two were in plain sight in the bulldozed track and caked with mud. Later, I lifted a big rock to expose a big datolite with so much copper in it. Very few with pink and green colors were found there.

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datolite datolite datolite
Plenty of pink dots in this one(rare??).
Found by Jeffrey A., August 2005
Rimmed with copper,
Found by Jeffrey A., August 2005
Broken piece from what
 may be once a big datolite
August 2012
datolite datolite datolite
Supposedly rare find
according to the datolite hunters.
Very rich in copper inclusions.
Found by JeffreyA., August 2007
greenish-gray dashes
First type of datolite found
at Ojibway Mine.

datolite datolite
Greenish color
Pinkish color due to copper Rare pink color