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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Online Museum:
Caledonia & Kowlton Datolites
Caledonia Mine, Mass City, Ontonagon Co. Michigan
Field-collecting Status: Private Property! Open only to Arranged Collecting Tours

    The Caledonia Mine is the only Michigan copper mine I know of that's still active, mainly for purpose of specimen collecting. Copper and silver specimens had been found by the people on the guided collecting tours during the Keeweenaw Week in August. The mine is one of several mines best known for the colored datolites and they're usually colored with brownish red being the typical color. Occasionally, the datolites in other colors like blood red, orange, peach orange, and pink and those with epidote inclusions have been found. Some datolites are found in their vein forms usually with episode, calcite and copper. Some are found in seams filling in the mudslide cracks in one of those big sloping mining rooms and even there are some datolites hidden in the mine piles outside the adit. The mine is currently owned by Red Metal Retreat company (Whitman's no longer an owner). Kowlton Mine is a "Next Door"  to the Caledonia Mine and had produced some similar datolite specimens.

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datolite datolite datolite
Typical color of Caledonia Mine.
Has copper specks all over.
Blood Red! Multi-chambered
datolite datolite datolite

datolite datolite datolite
An example of what a datolite seam
would look like. 
The seams tend to fall apart when taken
out of the "mudrocks", litter the ground
with many smaller datolites
Sharp color zoning With copper
datolite datolite datolite
Vein Datolite with copper and silver from
1100 feet level of Caledonia Mine
Kowlton Mine
Strong  & unusual color
datolite datolite
Vein type,
Kowlton Mine
Largest Datolite in my collection, whole half weight 1 1/2 pounds.
Obtained from an old collection.