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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Online Museum:
Wolverine Datolites
Wolverine #2 & #4 Mines, Kearsage, Houghton Co., Michigan.
Field-collecting Status:  Ownership unknown but OK to Collect at one's own risk.

    I found one datolite nodule while looking for the rare agates with copper inclusions in August 2005, and I came back to the same place and found more in August 2006. As of August 2007, I did some digging in an attempt to locate the source of datolites out of hope that I might find larger datolites, and all I found are tiny datolites.  All datolites found at the Wolverine Mine are enriched in copper. The tiny datolites still can be found from time to time at the Wolverine #2 and there had been reports of datolites slightly bigger than an inch found from the dumps. Few more may come up as it get bulldozed for copper replacement agates (or "Copper Agates" for short). Some datolites are also found at nearby Wolverine #4 when its rocks were hauled away to be crushed to make roads.

You can click on the pictures to see larger pictures.
All with flakelike copper inclusions.
datolite datolitedatolite
August 2012
August 2005-2012
From Wolverine #4 piles