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Clark Datolites
Clark Mine, Copper Harbor, Keweenaw CO., Michigan
Field-collecting Status: Under Forestry Management. OK to Collect but at one's own risk.

    The Clark Mine is one of most well known and most visited mine for the datolites that it was mentioned even in many old books on collecting in Michigan. Even today, it is still being visited by many people. It is funny how the Clark mine is better known for its datolites instead of copper, and like Star, Montreal and other nearby mines, Clark Mine is one of those early mines that opened during 1840s to 1860s period. They did not produce sufficient supply of copper that they were abandoned quickly.
    With an exception of illegal attempt at bulldozing (he was caught), it's one of very few mines that I know of that had not been bulldozed or hauled away for rock crushing. Many datolites from Clark Mine are white with an appearance of many datolite nodules being squeezed together. Few orange datolites had been found in some spots around Clark Mine (not counting the Clark Swamp Adit).
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Mile Piles

Specimens bought by JA

datolite datolite datolite
Typical datolite from Clark Mine .
rare orange datolites