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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Online Museum:
Franklin & Franklin Jr. Datolites
Franklin & Franklin Jr. Mines, 
Hancock, Houghton Co., Michigan
Field-collecting Status:  Private Property, All Piles are supposedly gone.

 .        The Franklin Mine is one of few mines to work on the Pewabic Lobe north of Houghton and the Pewabic lode is renowned for producing some of the most colorful datolites coming from Michigan. Two shafts were opened at Franklin, but got boxed in by Quincy companies, forcing the mine to extend northeastern by opening several shafts including Franklin Junior mine. The Franklin mines had produced red, yellow and orange datolites with few examples coming in red-yellow color combos. The mine piles already have been hauled away for rock crushing and there is no hope for finding any new datolites from the piles besides the old collections. Despite opening of several additional shafts, Franklin Junior mine is not well known for its datolites, but few white multi-chambered with greenish "mossy" inclusions have been found from one of the mine piles recently.

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"Sunburst" Datolite, one of my best datolites in my collection
Confirmed to be from Franklin Mine when compared to similar datolite
(so similar that they could have came from the same seam)
owned by Univeristy of Wisconsin displayed at Detroit show (Oct. 2019).

datolite datolite
Faint yellow color with red dots. Red color Bright yellow color

Classic Specimen
Classic Datolite, faint yellow with
red dots
Classic Specimen
Orange with episode inclusions
Soft orangish-pink specimen

  Franklin Junior Mine, Houghton Co., Michigan