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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Online Museum:
Kamloops "Datolite"
Actually a Silicified Form of Clay Aggregates.
Kamloops, British Columbia, v2c1t8, Canada

    A claim has been made that the purplish datolites were found within the basalt outcrops of Kamloops, Canada and I was able to obtain a slab. However, after a simple test of Moh's Hardness, the bad news is that  they are not datolites but instead they were a silicified (agatized) form of clay aggregates (likely magesnite) as shown by the fact that its Moh's Hardness is 7 instead of 6 for datolites and and it has silica texture also. The banded agates can be noted in the gaps between the aggregates making it very unlikely to be datolite.  I have seen several examples of similar specimens from different locations as in case of "Peanut Agates" from Woodward Ranch, Texas and a thundergg filled with silicified clay aggregates I found at South Canyon of Little Florida Mountains, New Mexico. My apologies to those who discovered the vein at Kamloops, but those are NOT datolites.