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    The Kawaii GIFs started with Sailor Moon and the popularity of SailorMoon GIFs have resulted into making GIFs for many other Animes. Everything is always owed to BSSailorMoon. ^_^
   Permission is NOT required  to use any GIFs with 'JA' for anything such as Forums, chatrooms, decorations, avators, etc... When using any GIFs, a link to my website is all I ask for. Some Guest GIFs (done by other artists) may require permission, so please email the artists directly.
Sailor Moon Characters (and their Items):
[Moon] [ChibiMoon] [Mercury] [Jupiter] [Venus] [Mars]
[Tuxedo] [StarLights, Kakyuu] [Saturn] [Uranus] [Neptune] [Pluto]
[ChibiChibi] [Cats & Helios] [Asteroids] [Misc.] [Items]
Sailor Galaxia Sailor Moon Villains:
[1st Season] [Sailor Moon R] [Sailor Moon S
[Sailor Moon SuperS] [Sailor Moon Stars] [SM:Another Story Game
Themed GIF Sets
[Wedding] [Kimono [Princess] [Swimsuit] [Child & Baby] [PJ]
[Mermaids] [Angels] [Fairies] [X-mas] [Waitress]
Sera Myu (Musicals) GIFs
PGSM (Live Action) GIFS
SM 2x Kawaii GIFs
SM 4x Kawaii GIFs
  Enlarged version of the original Kawaii GIFs.
Kawaii GIFs by other Artists
Unique GIFs by other Artists

SM Diorama GIFs
Recreations of official art & scenes
from Anime episodes using Kawaii GIFs
SM Doll GIFs 
  (KISS Dolls & Games included)
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