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The Realm of Sailor Energy
Former Sailor Moon Site, run by Jeffrey Anderson
"Vintage Website" since June 1999


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Latest Chapters:(Updated October 2023)
Pacificators: Chapter 76: The Janitor Room
Namaka Hamou 31st chapter: The Contest

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Online Manga Library
(Pacificators, 3Guardians and Namaka Hamou)
Everyone is invited to have fun reading JA's Anime-inspired original mangas which are balanced with adventure, action, drama, and especially humor. No annoying ads!

Sailor Moon "Ancient" BS Sailor Moon  Fan Artworks Archives 
12+ Years Worth of Sailor Moon Fanarts, Mini-mangas & Sprites
Also featuring the online "practice" SM fanfic mangas (webcomics)


Animes Kawaii Sprites & Fan Artworks
Gallery of Fanarts, Mini-Mangas and Sprites
Basics of Drawing Anime Tutorials


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