Pluto Sprites Gallery



 JA' Sprites are made by JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii Sprites
Credits are at the bottom of this page..

Sailor Pluto Super Sailor Pluto Eternal Sailor Pluto by JA Pluto Side View Princess Pluto Trista the Angel
Regular Super Eternal SideView Princess Talisman Angel
Trista in Normal Clothes Trista in Swimsuit Setunsa in Wedding Dress Trista the Mermaid
Casual Swimsuit Wedding Kimono Child 
(Ancient Egypt)
Time Stop! (DL) Mermaid
Bandai Doll (DL) Ice Cream (DL) Sailor (JB) X-mas (JB)

--JA = JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii GIFs.
--AL = Ashjoy,(Email:
--AT = Amy RT, (Email:
--CF = Caryl(Email:
--DL = Digilee(Email:
--DK = DK (Email:
--JB = Janie B.(Email:
--JM = Jaded Moonlight(Email:,
--LB = Lady Buruma(Email:
--NS = Naomi S.(
--RW = Richforce (Email:
--ST = Sayonara,(Email:
--TZ = Tifanny (Email:
--WW = WoofWoof (Email:

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