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Disclaimer of TRSE: 
   The Realm of Sailor Energy (TRSE) and its mascots, Energia, Aksomia and Pragma are 1999-2009+ copyrighted property of Jeffrey Anderson with respect to Sailor Moon and other Animes as a copyrighted properties of their respective creators and producers. Any infringements on the copyrights are not intended.
    All 'JA' Images (including any images such as borders connected to the 'JA' ones) are originally made by Jeffrey Anderson to meet the needs of this website. In order to make the 'JA' images be unique only to the Realm of Sailor Energy, please be courteous not to take any of 'JA' images except those within the TRSE Kawaii GIF Gallery, and use /re-distubute them in any way.

The Fanarts by Jeffrey Anderson and Guests:
    -All fanarts done by Jeffrey Anderson (that's me) are original and drawn independently in respect to the true personalities of the Anime Characters (I hope). Those fanarts were drawn only for fun, and educational, so they are free to anyone, and  credits/cituations is all I ask for. ^_^
    -The humorous fanarts are meant to be funny, not to offend anyone, therefore, I'm not responsible for any offense (especially to those who have no sense of humor or lack of appreciation for art) that may have occurred. But if you feel that a certain fanart must be removed, please email me with good and constructive reasons why this fanart should be removed.
     -Due to the nature of certain fanarts, I request that anyone please do not use any fanarts with yellow ** next to them. An example: Taking a picture out of the Snapshots at the Beach is like tearing a page out of a book, and anyone would have no idea of what this torn page is about.
    -If you would like to post my fanarts in your galleries, you're welcome to do so, and just a link to my website is all I ask for. You can do a  link exhcange with me as my way of thanks for letting me know. I also would be happy to trade fanarts (directly with fan artists only). You may use my fanarts in any way you like to be used ONLY on your website as long as you do not alter, re-distribute them, nor entering them in any contests.
    All guest fanarts are posted with the consent of the Guest Fan Artists. If you wish to to use the Guest Fanarts, please directly email the fan artists or visit the fan artists' websites first before asking them for permission. As for those without websites, just ask them for permission to use their works. Many fan artists requires permission in spite of the fact that they cannot copyright what is already copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi and other creators of various animes.

Kawaii GIFs from TRSE Kawaii Gallery:
    All GIFs with 'JA' are originally made by Jeffrey Anderson for use on any website/personal uses. Permission is not required for those GIFs. I have taken pains to make sure that they are compatibles with any backgrounds, therefore, please do not alter the GIFs in any way unless you want to make your own characters out of those GIFs. Also, please do not re-distribute them in any way nor entering them in any contests.

Fanfiction Mangas (Comics/Djoushinis)
    The Saga of the Orb of Time (Sailor Mercury: Beryl's Curse, Sailor Venus: Orb of Time, Sailor Moon: Serena and the Red Dress, Sailor Jupiter: Broken Heart, Sailor Mars: Possessed Dreams, Tuxedo Mask: Spirit of the Moon),The Four Horsemen of Apocalyse(The Emergence, Sailor Pluto: The Hunger of Famine, Sailor Uranus: The Wrath of War, Sailor Neptune: The Spread of Pestilence, Sailor Saturn: The Silence of Death, and The Runes of Druid.) and any other fanfic mangas are 1999+ semi-copyrighted property of Jeffrey Anderson with respect to Sailor Moon and its characters as overall copyrighted property of Naoko Takeuchi. Any infringements on the copyrights are not intended. The contents of Jeffrey A.'s Sailor Moon fanfic mangas have been developed independently,  therefore, any resemblance to JA's Sailor Moon Fanfic mangas are entirely coincidental. Please do not take anything from the fanfic mangas, and use them in any way.

Original  Mangas
    All works related to The Pacificators, Three Guardians, That Girl with the Sword, and Gold the Mermaid are2009+ copyrighted property of Jeffrey Anderson. Any resemblances are entirely concidental.

TRSE Museum:
   All items displayed at TRSE Museum are only for your admiration, enjoyment, and education, therefore any of the items in there are not for sale!

Thank you for reading this page. -JA-

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