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 JA' Sprites are made by JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii Sprites
Credits are at the bottom of this page..

PSGM (2004-05) is the latest Sailor Moon Live Action version
involving real actors (similar to Power Rangers of Sabin).

    GIFS by JA(owner of this website) and Digilee(DL)(Email:

GIFs by JA
Moon Luna Jedite Nephlite Zoisite Kunzite Mio
GIFs by DL
Moon Mercury Mars Jupiter Venus Luna &

--JA = JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii GIFs.
--AL = Ashjoy,(Email:
--AT = Amy RT, (Email:
--CF = Caryl(Email:
--DL = Digilee(Email:
--DK = DK (Email:
--JB = Janie B.(Email:
--JM = Jaded Moonlight(Email:,
--LB = Lady Buruma(Email:
--NS = Naomi S.(
--RW = Richforce (Email:
--ST = Sayonara,(Email:
--TZ = Tifanny (Email:
--WW = WoofWoof (Email:

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