SailorMoon GIFs by Other Artists



      The Kawaii GIFs below are made by various artists using Jeffrey A (that's me)'s Kawaii GIF Bases.  Permission is NOT required for any GIFs posted below unless noted otherwise. If using any GIFs, a link to my website is all I ask for.  Note that unless updated after June 01, 2007 all pages are retained in their old version for historical purposes.

--GIF Submission Rules

--Amy R.T's GIFS(Casual, "CatGirls")
--Anime Amphitere
--Ashley B,'s General GIFs.
--Cherry's General GIFs.
--Cythnia's General GIFs.
--Digilee's Mini Kawaii GIFs
--Dominique's Swimsuit GIFs
--JadedMoonlight's GIFs
--JessicaRules93's GIFs
--JB's Bunny GIFs
--Kitten's GIFs
--Madi's GIFs
--Nick Armstrong's GIFs
--Prince Kaze's GIFs
--Rachel S.'s GIFs
--Rainbow, Sailor's GIFs:
          Baby Senshi GIFs
          Child Senshi GIFs
          Fairy GIFs
          Colorful Princess GIFs
          Dead/Reincarnation GIFS
--Raver's GIFs
--Richforce's GIFs (Baby, and More)
--Sasha's GIFs (Ball Dresses, Fairies, and more)
--Sayonara's General GIFs
--Seiharu's GIFs
--TanyaGI's GIFs

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