Tuxedo Kamen Sprites Gallery



 JA' Sprites are made by JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii Sprites
Credits are at the bottom of this page..

Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Mask by JA Tuxedo Mask Side View Prince Endymion King Endymion Moonlight Knight by JA Darien the Angel
Front Angle-View Side-View Prince King Moonlight Knight Angel
Darien in Normal Clothes Darien in Swimsuit Mamoru in Wedding Attire Darien the Merman
Casual Casual Swimsuit Tuxedo Tuxedo Mermaid
Child(DK) Rose from Fiore

--JA = JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii GIFs.
--AL = Ashjoy,(Email: Ashjoy390@aol.com)
--AT = Amy RT, (Email: LilRocketMew@aol.com)
--CF = Caryl(Email: carly_the_great@msn.com)
--DL = Digilee(Email: digitalleonardo@yahoo.com)
--DK = DK (Email: sailor_saiya_jin@yahoo.com)
--JB = Janie B.(Email: rose11000@hotmail.com)
--JM = Jaded Moonlight(Email: pinkmocha@hotmail.com),
--LB = Lady Buruma(Email: crystalcrow1986@yahoo.com)
--NS = Naomi S.(Email:omi_wan_kenobi@hotmail.com)
--RW = Richforce (Email: richforce@adelphia.net)
--ST = Sayonara,(Email:  sailortellus1@hotmail.com)
--TZ = Tifanny (Email: ThunderSenshi610@aol.com)
--WW = WoofWoof (Email: mooniegirl@comcast.net)

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