Diorama GIF Gallery



     The "Diorama" GIFs are the re-creations of the scenes from Sailor Moon Animated Series, Mangas, & Naoko T.'s Artworks using the Kawaii GIFs. Permission IS REQUIRED for any GIFs posted below. Many of the pages below are still in their old layout version mainly for historical purposes (and lack of time too).

--Diorama GIF Submission Rules

--Diorama GIFS by J.A 
--J.A.'s Special Diorama SMS Movie GIFS
--"Happy Birthday" Banners for each Sailor Soldier character.

--Amy R.
--Earth, Sailor,
      GIFs of Original Sailor Moon Series
      GIFs of Sera Myu & PGSM
--Janie B.
--Little Oinkster
--Phillips R.

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