Villians of SMS Sprites Gallery



 JA' Sprites are made by JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii Sprites
..Note: Villains' names are in Japanese.
Snow Queen Snow Queen & Snow Dancer from.SMS.Movie
Tomoe Mistress 9 Kaolinite Kaolinite
Prof. Tomoe Mistress9 Kaolinite Kaolinite Kaolinite
Eudial Mimete Tellu Vuliy Ptilol Cyrine
Eudial Mimete Tellu Viluy Ptilol Cyprine
--JA = JeffreyA, original creator of the Kawaii GIFs.
--AL = Ashjoy,(Email:
--AT = Amy RT, (Email:
--CF = Caryl(Email:
--DL = Digilee(Email:
--DK = DK (Email:
--JB = Janie B.(Email:
--JM = Jaded Moonlight(Email:,
--LB = Lady Buruma(Email:
--NS = Naomi S.(
--RW = Richforce (Email:
--ST = Sayonara,(Email:
--TZ = Tifanny (Email:
--WW = WoofWoof (Email:
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