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If you like her, she'll like you 10 times more, but if you hate her, she'll hate you 100 times more!


"The Other Akosmia"
Orign of Name: Akosmia is Ancient Greek for "Chaos" (as according to Ariostite)
BirthDate: June 01 (anniversary of this website)

Age at Start of Story: Looks 21
Type of Job: The Destroyer, also to protect Energeia

Positives: Tough, vigilant, protective, caring (especially toward those she likes), silly

Negatives: Emotionally unstable, blunt, undisciplined, aggressive, easily angered, whiny,

Likes: Anything cute, and being a bad girl

Dislikes: Being lonely, food, witch-hunters, and plenty of anything else.

Bad Habits: Easily provoked, tend to gets in fights without second thoughts, lack of modesty, and more. Will go completely berserk when fighting. she's also a pervert.

Favorite Colors: Black and orange
Hobbies: Sleeping, Peeping on both men and women in the baths or changing rooms.
Preferred Outfits: Any outfits that makes her look sexy in spite of her small bust and scars.
Interesting Notes: The design of her wings is based on the wings of a bat. She would do anything even blow up a planet to protect Energeia. Gives no (BEEP) about morals and ethnics. She also struggle to keep the "other Akosmia" inside her under control.

Akosmia is more tolerable, approachable and more restained. Wants to be popular over internet.
 -Official Character Diagram:
-Diagram of Akosmia's Wings
-How her Powers Work
-How Energeia works with Akosmia (Their predecessors are used in this picture)
-GlassWork Art of Akosmia

  KittyOcean's Indepedant Personality Evaluation
Akosmia: Chaotic, but the chaos is also her charm. Her mind goes from left to right, up and down and frankly... I'm like that too. She has a kind heart and loves her sister very much... but she also shows no mercy. Her weakness is her strength, her strength her weakness: Energeia. If anything happens to Energeia, Akosmia loses her rational mind. Okay, the fragment of rational mind she has ^_~. She also... is not the sharpest tool in the shed (sorry, Akosmia!). Energeia and Akosmia are both far from dumb, but Energeia seems 'not that sharp' because of her innocence, Akosmia seems 'not that sharp' because she can't be bothered to think about it. Akosmia is: left is left, right is right and there's no middle.
    In my eyes, Akosmia is the Preserver. She wants things to stay the same, but knows she can't. She pretends not to care about it, but she worries so much inside. She suffered a great loss and wants to prevent that from ever happening again. Playing dumb and pretending not to care is also a way to protect herself from being hurt again.   
    Oh dear, I forgot to add Akosmia's perverted side in the analysis! Well, she already said she did that so it would distract her from her worries and troubled past/other self. Can't really analyse that any further. I mean, she needs something to shift focus and to make sure she won't drown herself in her misery. And well, 18+ always seems to capture the minds of people. Noriko is human, with a human body and with human emotions and hormones. If Noriko has such a grand influence on Akosmia, it's only natural her biological side pushes through. And even if Akosmia is not allowed to love, that doesn't mean she's from stone. I do not consider her a pervert that much, by the way. She's honest and open about her preferences and feelings. Compared to ancient Rome and Greece , she's a saint! It's just that in the modern time, she's considered a pervert because she does what she wants to do, on that area. The only thing that 'bothers' me (and bothering is a very big word here, it's not like that I feel offended or anything) is that Akosmia does it sneaky. Why? Everyone knows she does it. But still, it also shows she knows others might not appreciate it. So, she does it sneaky, because she don't want people to be angry. It shows she has a great heart and thinks of others... but also that she can't really approve of what she's doing herself. So, the question remains: if she has a perfect good excuse to peek at others (because honestly, it saves the world from her other self)... why doesn't she approve of it herself? Is it a sign she rather wants to be intimate with only one person; one person who can hold her, love her, for who she is... and not destroy the world by being tainted?.- KittyOcean,-


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