The Realm of Sailor Energy:
The Three Guardians




    The Monitor duty of Energeia of Energy and Cosmos(Order), a child with mechanical wings, is to protect the energy fabrics of local universe from any artificial interference by any advanced civilizations. The steps have been taken to keep her existence secret for her protection from those seeking to abuse her power. She is protected and aided by her buddha-like "brother", Pragma of Matter, and her loud sister, Akosmia of Chaos, the Destroyer. Very little is known about Pragma while the reputation of Akosmia is poorly understood and considered evil by many morally zealot people that she's subject to frequent "witchhunts". Those three consider themselves the Three Guardians, and they, especially Akosmia, would do what must be done to protect the universe even if they have to carry out the total destruction of a targeted civilization.
  But that's what they thought until Energeia sensed a weak but very ominous signal coming from an asteroid orbiting the binary system of an ancient star and a neutron star. The Guardians decide to investigate this energy source, evaluate its threat to the universe, and neutralize it if necessary. It turns out that the asteroid is what remained of an ancient civilization and something very dangerous locked deep within the asteroid is beckoning curious Energeia to release it.
      The Three Guardians mangas are in"storyboard" stage to learn develop new methods and may be someday be re-drawn/tinkered for publications.
-Generally Rated PG13, due to some mature contents and covered/censored nudity scenes. It must be pointed that I, the author, is a deaf person, so the webcomics may differ in several ways from the typical comics out there (such as a lack of speedlines for example).

-Vol. 1-Three Guardians: The Mother of All
    Energeia investigates an ominous energy source to evaluate its possible threat to the energy fabric of the universe. Rated PG-13
-Vol 2- Three Guardians: The Collector of Life
    Energeia has been kidnapped by a type of collector and Akosmia is in state of panic. Akosmia and Pragma must search and rescue her.
-Vol 3- Three Guardians: The Warmth of the Stars
    What's the heck going on?! Was it just some bad "Alice in Wonderland" dream or something else?!  Generally Rated PG-13, but may contain some PG-16 scenes like dark/horror and suggestive scenes.
-Vol 4- Three Guardians: The Cradle of Planets
    An enemy from Pragma's long lost past is attacking Energeia and Akosmia while Pragma begins to recall his past.  Generally Rated PG-13, but may contain some dark scenes  and one barely concealed nudity scene.
-Vol 5- Three Guardians: The Pulse of Atoms
    The Guardians' enemy sends two minions to attack Energeia and Akosmia while they're confined by the humans.  Generally Rated PG-13.

-Vol 6- Three Guardians: The Quirky Quarks
    The Guardians are released and they begins the journey to return the Boy to his tribe, meanwhile, Pragma investigates a wrecked ship on one of Mars' moons. Generally Rated PG-13.

-Vol 7- Three Guardians: Just a Photon Away
    Now that their enemies is aboard their cruise, the guardians continue their journey in fear. The moment finally came when they must make the decisions that will change their lives forever for better or worse.
Generally Rated PG-13.

-Vol 8- 3 Guardians: As Elusive as the Neutrinos
   The "Angels" have their new wings and a spaceship rebuilt by Pragma which is on the way to Earth. Since the "Angels" need more time to practice their new wings, Pragma made a decision that resulted in a heap of problems that their enemies are quick to exploit.
Generally Rated PG-13.

The Character Profiles
ene --[Energeia, "Angel of Cosmos"  (Energy)]
ako --[Akosmia, "Angel of Chaos"]
--[Pragma, "Buddha of Matter"]
oshun --[Oshun, the Caretaker]

ABC List of Original Characters created by JA
-Three Guardians Art Gallery by JA
    Artworks by JA
-Fanarts of  Three Guardians:
    Fanarts done by the people who liked my original mangas.



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