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Nămaka Hamou




    Nămaka Hamou is an episodic graphic novel/manga about "Gold" the deaf mermaid. "Gold" is actually one of my several oldest characters I created during my high school years. I decided to bring her back for this story. Her nickname refers to the fact that her light brown eyes seem golden and I have seen few people with the golden brown eyes.
    While the story focus on the characters themselves, it explores the concept that over thousands of generations, the humans can to evolve into the mermaids/mermans. The Japanese and African swimmers were known to have swum deep to gather the sea foods such as oysters, and pearls. If they kept going at that for many generations, they could have evolved into mermaids/mermans. :)
     The story takes place at one of the lagoons around Oahu, Hawai'i in a far away time (sort of "parallel universe").

   Walter Wooden, Jill and Cain, the environmental journalists have picked up the reports of a real live mermaid sighted at a Hawai'ian lagoon beach and they head there to investigate the reports. Unknown to Cain and Jill, Wooden with a stereotypical view of the mermaids, has an hidden agenda that could spell trouble for this mermaid. 

-Since Gold is a mermaid coming from an ingenious culture, therefore, non-sexual nudity scenes and Walter's "perverted" thoughts are to be expected in most of the chapters. So The story is rated Teen16 (PG-16) but it shouldn't be a problem for younger and mature readers. The links to Rated PG Versions (nudity are mosaic censored) are available for more sensitive readers.
Each short story after will be released twice a year when possible.
I work on Pacificators and 3Guaridans manga and that is why.
01. Namaka Hamou: Gold the Mermaid (uncensored) 

 Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)

02. Namaka Hamou: The Legend of Ningyo (uncensored)

 Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)

03. Namaka Hamou: CHASED!
  There will be a link to PG Version in the 2nd part.

04. Namaka Hamou: Their 1st Christmas
  (Completely Rated-PG)
05. Namaka Hamou: Confused and Scared (uncensored)

  Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)
06. Namaka Hamou: Accidental Hostage (uncensored)

 Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)
07. Namaka Hamou: The Missing Baby (uncensored)

  Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)
08.Namaka Hamou: Kalua's Dilemma(uncensored)

  Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)
09.Namaka Hamou: The Sea Crocodile(uncensored)

  Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)

10. Namaka Hamou: Prescription of Trust
  Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)

11. Namaka Hamou: Gold's Unwanted Memories (uncensored)
  Rated PG Version (nudity are CENSORED)

12. Namaka Hamou: The Grave Stone
--UNCENSORED Version (WARNING: full nudity in some pages!!!)

--CENSORED Version (mix of usual mosaic censors and added-on clothng)
00. Character Profiles
Mermaid Anatomy References/Diagrams


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