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 .   TRSE: The Facets of the Silver Crystal:
    The Humorous Fanart Contest #1
(October 2000-February 2001)

Funniest Fanart (regardless of how good the drawing is or not):
   If the Shoe Fits By Raven Bird (15 out of 71 votes)

Most Beautiful Fanart (regardless of how funny or not):
   Mouse? (Amy (Ami) as a Catgirl) by Delia (25 out of 71 votes)

1st Place Best Humorous Fanart:
   If the Shoe Fits  by Raven Bird (143 points)

2nd Place Best Humorous Fanart
   French Cake! by Aino Tweety (83 points) (based on French humor about Erach cake)
        (Explanations are provided at the bottom of this fanart)

3rd Place Best Humorous Fanart:
    Mouse? (Amy (Ami) as a Catgirl) by Delia (77 points)

Honorable Mentions: (fanarts that won more than 25 points)
4th Place: Usagi's Cooking? by Tenshi-chan (56 points)
5th Place: Serena (Usagi) and Darien (Mamoru) Got Stuck by Meagan Sanders (46 points)
6th Place: I Think I Need More Concentration. by Katra Mioku (43 points)
7th Place: Tuxedo Snowman?  by B-chan (30 points)
8th Place: Happy Halloween!  by Maria (28 points)

Congratulations to those artists listed in this page, and big thanks and "Keep up great works!" to ALL fan artists who submitted their fanarts to the contest. ^_^

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