TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Reading the Patterns in the Pictures

     A very very very very important drawing method is an ability to read and use the patterns in the drawings which many novice artists often failed to realize before giving up. The patterns are the forms of imaginary basic shapes (or "bubbles" as some artists call them) and lines, and the examples are circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and any other basic geometrical shapes that make up any object. Learning to read and use the patterns will make the drawing much easier to master, and that means that any artists have to learn to think in pictures/patterns (never in words).

Now let's take a look at picture of Eternal Sailor Moon below(sorry if some wing details are hard to see).

    The picture above looks complicated, yet the picture is made of many simple patterns represented by the red lines. Everything around you are made up of basic shapes and patterns that can be seen only with your imagination, therefore, you must really use your brains/imagination to be able to read the patterns if you want to be good at drawing. Why don't you take a look at several examples below? All the pictures were scanned from the covers of mangas I have.
Example 1: Full-figure Akano of Ranma 1/2
Example 2: Quincy of Bleach
Example 3: Ranma (both male and female) of Ranma 1/2
Example 4: Miroku and Sango of InuYasha with different view angles on their faces.
Example 5: A child from DearS
Example 6: Miu of DearS
Example 7: Rock Lee of Naruto in Action Pose

   Why don't you do a bit of homework by giving a try at drawing some patterns on the pictures? Just click on the link below to the picture and print it on the paper. PLAY with the pictures by sketching lines/patterns on the pictures. You'll learn faster if you just play with them. ^_^

Printable Version of "Homework on Patterns"

    Now you have some understanding of the patterns, and all you need is keep working to master the use of the patterns. However, just being able to read and draw patterns won't do you any good ALONE if your hands are not trained to draw the patterns.

Let's move on to learn about:
Training your Brain and Hands