TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Training your Brains and Hands

       It can be frustrating for you when you couldn't draw the way you wanted or duplicate what's in your mind and worse, your drawings look very irregular, lopsided and misaligned. That's because the muscles in your hands are NOT USED to drawing, and the hands can't read what's in your mind. It's like you start at Level 01 in any role-playing video games, and you have to build up "experience points" in order to level up. Like learning to write, you have to use your brains to train your hands to draw and teach your hands to coordinate with your brains. It's something that takes a great deal of work and time to do and that's why you have to learn to be patient with your progressing drawing skills. If you're not patient and not using your brains, you won't be able to become a good artist.
    You have to teach your hands where to draw the lines to form the patterns. It's like doing the dot to dot drawings where you draw the lines to connect the dots, but you can see the dots only with your imagination. That means that you HAVE to learn to think in patterns that make up the picture. You have pay attention to what your hand is doing and teach it to follow the imaginative patterns that can be seen only by the brains. You can study any pictures and see how the patterns are coordinated with each other. Spacing is also important too. For example, how much space does a forehead take up? How much space between the eyes and the mouth? How much space between the eyes? You have to learn how to space the patterns by playing around with your drawings. Here's an example of the face of Ruoruni Kenshin.
    As you can see all of the lines and dots that form the patterns making up the face. By thinking about where to draw the lines to "connect the dots", you'll be able to draw the patterns the way you want. For example, I would draw a vertical line through the face first, and then add the horizontal lines to outline the eyes and mouth. The horizontal lines can be adjusted to get the size of the face you want. The rulers can be used to draw such lines that help keep the face look leveled and symmetrical.
    I recommend that the face (or head) be drawn first before doing the eyes so to CONTROL the size of the eyes. I noticed that if anyone starts with the eyes first, they tend to end up drawing the heads that are too big leaving no room for the rest of the body.
    You have to use your brains to teach your hands to draw what's in your mind, and that takes a great deal of time and work for the muscles to get used to drawing just like writing. It's like learning to run where your leg muscles are not used to running, and you have to train your legs to run. That's why you have to be patient and never set your standards too high nor compare yourself to other more advanced artists' artworks.
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