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1. Important: All links must use this address which will always stay the same even if this website has changed web hosts.  (NOT any other pages of this website!)
 2. You can chose whether to use just a link text or post a TRSE link banner on your website. If you choose to use just a link text, then please type just like this:
    TRSE: Webcomics Site

 3. Interested in posting a TRSE link banner on your website? Then please view a gallery of TRSE Link Banners located below. Please select and use "Save As" command (use mouse to right-click on an image) to take one of the link banners to be posted somewhere on your site.
 4. If you don't see any TRSE Link Banners that you like, please email me what kind of a Link Banner you would like me to make for you.
 5. Please let me know that you have linked my site, so I can visit your website and list a link to your site in my Links too.
   Thank you for reading the guidelines. ^_^ Remember, at requests, I can make any banners featuring your preferred characters from any available anime.

60 * 350 pixels & 60 * 250


Realm of Sailor Energy
(I can make the banners with your fav Anime characters on it)

90 * 30 pixels

At requests,  the banners with different characters (not shown) can be made. 
Just ask me (JA) by hitting "Email me"

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