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Note: The contents below are subject to change as I become more experienced.
    Do you have any agates, thundereggs, petrified wood or hard jaspers rough that you have been wanting to get cut or polished, but couldn't find time or don't have equipments? Not happy with the polish of any agates/jaspers you purchased? Let me do the polishing for you! I also can repair any agates with fractured edges with the curvative-polishing methods. Re-cutting an agate to remove fractures can be done.
    The Botswana agate on the left side is the one I polished by myself, and on the right is the typical Mass-produced Brazilian agate slabs (low quality polish). You can see the big difference in the quality of the polish of those two agates above. That shows how I can give the agates and hard jasper a mirrorlike polish.

The materials I can cut and polish with my current polishing methods:
    Any agates.
    Any thundereggs.
    'Ocean Jasper' (hard types)
    Petrified Woods (limited sizes)
    Hard Jaspers such as Blue Mountain, Bureau, & Morrsonite

-Taking Polishing Commissions from December to end of April (Arizona winter home) & June to September (Michigan summer home)
-Cutting Minimum Fees: (Money Orders or Paypal are accepted)
  * The prices reflect the cost of cutting oil.* 
    $1.00 per inch (NOT per square inch).

-Polishing Minimum Fees: (Money Orders or Paypal are accepted)
    50 cents for any cut specimens 1 inch (2.54 cm) or smaller.
    $1.00 per inch (2.54 cm) up to 4 1/2 inches ( 11 cm). I may adjust the price depending on how well a specimen is cut.  It take more time and cost more to flat-lap grind down a bad saw cut.
 Anything bigger than 4 1/2 inches (11 cm) is considered a custom job and will cost more depending on how much time is spent on the specimens.

Shipping & Packing:
     I must ask you to be responsible for the postage both ways. it is strongly recommended that you pack them in newpapers or bubbles with rubber bands and put them in a tough box (like USPS Flat-Rate boxes). I need to be able to reuse what you wrapped the specimens. The slabs can be protected by wrapping the cut cardboards around them while any large/heavy specimens must be double-boxed so not to smash against any smaller specimens during the shipment like a wrecking ball.
  If you're shipping roughs for me to cut, they must be shipped in medium-flat-rate packages which are far tougher, safer and easier to carry than large flat-rate packages. There had been an incident where a post office staff was injured when a large-flat-rate package burst open as a result of too much rough packed in it.

   Since I was born deaf, I do not have  a cellphone and an email is required to contact me. There will be the times when I might be too busy doing something else or polishing stuff for someone else, so it helps to check with me first to see whether I'm ready to take on your materials or not.

    Even I am careful with what I grind and polish, the accidents can happen beyond my control. For example, some agates or jaspers especially those in the slab forms, may contain pre-existing (or hidden) fractures that can grow during the polishing process. Many jaspers and Brazillian agate slabs are sensitive to the stress of polishing. Even materials can get broken while during the shipment no matter how well packed/protected they are, so you may have to ship anything to me at your own risk.

Comments by the people I polished agates for:
-"My Crater Agates were completely transformed after Jeffrey Anderson polished them. The surface of them is exquisite and mirrorlike and by far the best polishing I've ever seen. They are now shining with vitality. All this was accomplished very quickly and with excellent communication. Most highly recommended. -Clary Mitchell-Smith (clary @, posted with permission.

 "I just wanted to say how thrilled I am by the recent polishing work Jeffrey did on all of the jaspers and agates I sent to him. The "mirrorlike" polish that Jeffrey were able to get on all of the items is unbelievable.   It is hard these days to find craftsmen like himself who have the skills and perserverence to produce such a high quality product and it is much appreciated.  Also, his turnaround time is much quicker than others I have used in the past.  Finally, the price he charged is very reasonable.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wanted polishing work done on their specimen." -Richard Byrne ( @

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