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  The contest started on June 2009 and ended on November 1st, 2009. The winners were determined by both popular votes and points awarded by JA the judge (owner of this website). I have a Voting Poll at the bottom of this page. Please make a vote for how any of the next contests should be judged. Thanks!

Special Mention:
RoseBrideAlena(rosebridealena.deviantart.com)(8 votes + 8 JA points = 16 points)
   A. TRSE Mascots Visiting RoseBrideAlena in Hospital (Akosmia's searching for TV remote hidden by Pragma)
  I'm actually disappointed that this picture didn't get many votes. Many people did not realize that my website has earned quite a reputation for helping people feel much better when they're sick, or depressed.  RoseBrideAlena was hospitalized and she drew Energeia, Aksomia and Pragma visiting her and that represents how she always feel better when she visit and see my humor artworks. :) That is a huge personal impact on me because it makes me feel that it's really the worth the effort to keep my website going. :)

Winners of the Contest:
  The score was determined by how many points out of 10 awarded by JA (that's me) the judge to each entry and added to the number of popular votes earned by the entries. 

1st Place:
    Taskedangels (taskedangel.deviantart.com/) (31 votes + 9 JA points = 40 points)
      A. Gateway to the Heavens

JA's Note:  This Entry was tied with Sharom M's Bake Time Entry for earning most popular votes (31 votes each!) I gave it a higher score because it was easy to see how much efforts Taskedangels spent into doing this picture and it had made quite a strong impact on me. ^_^ 

2nd Place: 
    Sharom M. magicnova @ msn.com (31 votes + 8 JA points = 39 points)
   A. Bake Time!!

JA's Note: Also tied wtih Takedangels's entry. It's quite a fun mini-manga to read especially since Energeia, Akosmia and Pragma has been chibized the CLAMP style, making them extremely cute! Of course, it's funny about how Energeia gobbled up the pie. Heheh. This entry arned the points for its creativity.

3rd Place:
10. Sailor Sayaoran (sailor-syaoran.deviantart.com)(21 votes + 7 JA points = 28 points)
   A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!

JA's Note: There are few entries that I like more, but even if I give them higher scores, this entry still would be placed in 3rd due to the fact it received the 3rd highest number of votes. ^_^

4th Place:
-Kitten (animemoonkitty6.deviantart.com)(11 votes + 8 JApoints = 19 points)
   A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!.. JA is so in trouble... Heheh

 JA's Note: Maybe I am a pervert after all. ^_^; it's really amusing to see how Kitten drew myself surrounded by girls and it was pretty well done wtih coloring pencils. Now I know how Bismun Volvorth felt.... Heheheh.

Honorable Mention: I put them here because of either they're great drawings or scored more than 10 points. :)
-Janice H. (animejanice.deviantart.com)(6 votes + 8 JApoints = 14 points)
   A. Happy 10 Years of Awesomness
-Twelves Moon: (csailoranimeATaol.com)(7 votes + 5 JApoints = 12 points)
   A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!

Of course, let's not forget all of the other entries. In spite of their lower scoring, I'm really fond of them and I thank to everyone for drawing such great entries! 

-IceCheetah (icecheetah.deviantart.com/)(2 votes + 7 JApoints = 9 points)
   A. Teaming with Daz (her original character) to seal the rift

-Kimlasca (kimlasca.deviantart.com/)(1 votes + 7 JApoints = 8 points)
 A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!

-Josie(josieark.siprelleATcolo3.advomatic.com)(0 votes + 5 JA points = 5 points
   A. Comic or Card?

-Williams F. (fleetwil AT gmail.com)(1 vote + 5 JA points) = 6 points
   A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!

-Hoshi (hoshi_amade AT yahoo.com)(0 votes + 6 JA points = 6 points
   A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!

-SailorSaturns123(katelynndanette @ yahoo.com)(4 votes + 5 JA points = 9 points)
.   A. Some Fans...

-Luisa (Luisa_is_in_da_hout_and_in_da_clubATgmx.de)(0 votes + 5 JA points = 5 points
 A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!

-Fall, Sailor (anime_girl2004 @ hotmail.com) (1 vote + 5 JA points = 6 points
   A. Happy 10th Anniversary! (All Sailor Moon characters in it)

- Mene (mene.deviantart.com/)(3 votes + 7 JA points = 10 points
   A. Drawing Sailor Moon Fanarts

00. KittyOcean (kittyocean.deviantart.com)
   A. Happy 10th Annivesary TRSE!
00. Sakura (Sailorastera.com)
  A. The Three Guardians. She wanted to finish it but got too busy, and I posted it here so anyone can see it. :) Hopefully, she'll eventually get it finished (please encourage her!). :D



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