Kawaii GIF Base Gallery



  Here are the bases used for JA's Kawaii GIFs for anyone to have fun playing with and creating their own characters.  Please refer to How to Make a GIF Tutorials for more info on how to work with the GIFs. Also there are downloadable art programs for you to check out (at bottom of this page). More bases will be added as I (Ja) continue to produce various Kawaii GIFs for anyone's uses.  Most GIFs will look "Sailor-Moonish", but Anime faces are provided to meet your preferences.
Kawaii GIF Bases
Bases for Females, Males, Child, Mermaids and Cats
2x Kawaii GIF Bases
4x Kawaii GIF Bases
2x & 4x Larger Bases for Females, & Males
-Anime & Emotion Faces for Kawaii GIF Bases
-How to Make a GIF Tutorials (old version)

 --GIF & Art Programs
-Azha: The Hatching, source of Sailor Moon Another Story spirite bases.
-Pixia-One of very few art programs that can be downloaded for free.
-GIFNinja.com an online program that can convert pictures into GIFs and even Animated GIFs.

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