TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Various Poses

   There is one thing everyone must keep in mind when drawing the characters in any poses and it may be tricky to do. The arms and legs have to be in respect to their torso, and the most common mistake made by any artists is drawing the arms and legs that are too short/long, too small/big or out of alignment in respect to the bodies. If you have a mirror with you, make a strike toward the mirror with your fist and that is how far your arm can go. Compare the size of the fist with something else on your body (like your head or chest) and this is the way you can draw the correct size of a fist in front of a character unless the camera happen to be very close to it that is. A compass (like this arcing line I sketched as a guide for the arm) might also be helpful.

    When anyone bend to pick stuff off the ground, they tend to bend their knees and adjust their shoulders order to reach for something on the ground, and naturally, that pose is bad for anyone's back. ^_^;

Some people would kneel to pick something off the ground (and it's easy on anyone's back too).

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