TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
"Patience, Determination, Brains and Never Stop Trying!"

    So what do those words mean? Those are something many good artists have: Being patient with oneself's evolving skills, being determined to improve oneself, using brains to solve drawing problems, and never ever quit. Let's take a look at the example of my ancient and most recent drawings of Energeia.

    Patience is most essential of the artists' virtues. I had been listening to the impatient and discouraged novice drawers complaining about how they suck at drawing. Come on, it's natural for us to be suck at drawing when we first started drawing, so don't whine about how you suck at drawing. That's where the patience comes in. It takes a lot of time and work to develop your drawings so you have to learn to be patient with your current drawing skills. There is no way we can become great artists in no time.
   Determination is what keeps the artists going and going without giving up in spite of rather discouraging drawing results they get from time to time. I had some discouraging results with my drawing skills, and I sometimes was not happy with the drawings I did (which is somewhat true for a number of pics in those tutorials), but that didn't stop me. I just kept going on, and drawing more new pictures, always using my brains to figure out how to improve my drawing skills.
   You absolutely have to be able to use your brains to solve the drawing problems. Creativity, imagination, logic, knowledge, and anything else in your brains are always important to any learning processes. After all, what good will any artists do if they don't use their brains? I was able to learn to draw on MY OWN WITHOUT ANY HELP for many years, and that's because I'm using my brains. I had encountered a great deal of drawing problems while doing the massive fanfic manga projects, and I was able to overcome many of them. ^_^
    Now the so-called "Natural Talent", which describes how an artist being able to learn to draw so quickly as if she/he was born with natural drawing talent. It can happen that a person grasps the drawing concepts very quickly and learn to draw well in a short time, while other person couldn't grasp the concepts well, and taking up a lot of time to draw something. It's natural for everyone to have different learning processes. The ability to learn is enhanced by strong interest in a specific subject. If you love to draw, you'll learn at a faster pace than other drawers with weaker interests in drawing. ^_^  The age does not matter because the people start learning how to draw different times (different ages). How quickly a person can learn to draw also depends on how much time is allocated to learning to draw. If you draw just one picture a month (due to school, friends, anything else), you're learning to draw at a snail pace, but if you're willing to allocate more time to learning how to draw (like 30 pictures a month), you'll learn at faster pace. Many manga artists out there spent much of their free time on learning to draw in order to be good at doing the mangas.
    It can be pretty discouraging if your friend of your age learned to draw well at faster pace than you do, but don't let that eat at you nor let it make you whine about it. Just keep learning to draw on your own and comfortable pace!  ^_^

Look at how far I was able to go wtih my patience, determation, brains and plenty of practice.

January 1993 ========> June 2007

  So do you want to learn how to draw something? If yes, GREAT! ^_^
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