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Drawing Always Takes Time To Learn!

    Many people get down to start drawing with big dreams of being an artist (manga artist, animator, etc.), but many of them did not realize that learning to draw something takes a long time. As a result, they get very easily discouraged when their first drawings didn't come out the way they wanted without learning to be patient and become determined to be an artist. It has taken even me, Jeffrey Anderson, drawer and builder of this website, a long time to learn to be able to draw something. Here are the examples of how I never gave up, and kept practicing in order to learn to draw well.

January 1993 =========> June 2007

Mario from Super Mario Bros.
March 1990 ====> August 2007

Original Megaman of Capcom (1989)
March 1990 ====> August 2007

Zelda and Mesia
January 1993 ====> August 2007

        As you can see that learning to draw is lot like learing to write which start with preschool (or kindergarden) that it takes time to learn to write well. If you really want to be a good artist, you have to learn to be patient, determined, and very willing to take time doing plenty of practice and don't you dare get discouraged! Do you still want to be an artist? Great! Let's move to the next page to learn what I mean by:

"Patience, Determination, Brains, and Never Stop Trying!".