TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Basics of Drawing the Hands

    First thing, have you read the "Reading the Patterns in the Pictures" article? If you don't, you would have no idea what I'm talking. Start reading that important article, and then come back to here because I am to show you how to read the 'patterns' in the hands and use that to learn to use them instead of showing how to draw a hand a step by step. If you can read and use the 'patterns' using your own hands as models, you should be able to draw several different poses of the hands.

    Many novice artists had been grumbling about how hard is it to draw the hands. Naturally! The hands are usually considered the hardest part of any body to be drawn and even many professional artists out there had some difficulty with them. But drawing the hands can be made bit easier once you have learned how to read the patterns in the hands and use them to your advantage. It also helps to use your own hands as models to help with drawing different poses of the hands and you can pose them in the mirror. Look at the scanned picture of my spread hand below(nofortune-reading please, heh):

    The hand can be broken into the patterns in forms of basic boxy shapes and those are what can help make drawing the hands easier. It's easier to draw the "square form" of the palm (or the hand itself) first before adding any fingers and thumbs. You need to keep in mind is that as shown by the blue lines, the fingers are not the same length with the middle finger being the longest so the blue lines should be sketched in arcs.
    Watch which side of the hand you're drawing the thumbs on! I have seen few drawings showing the thumbs on the wrong sides of the hands! If you have troubling imagining the "mirror image" of your hand, use a mirror.

Let's move on to few examples of the hands in different poses.