The Realm of Sailor Energy:
Basics of Drawing Anime




     This Tutorials are to help you just get started with learning how to draw various Anime characters as well as offering any tips on drawing. There are many other tutorials done by other people that you can use to suppliment your learning progresses.

It is very important that any novice drawers read the articles listed below:
-1.Getting Started
-2.Learning to Draw Always Takes TIME!.
-3."Patience, Determination, Brains, and Never Stop Trying!".
-4.Drawing Tools
-5.Reading the Patterns in the Pictures
-6.Training your Brain and Hands
-7.Setting your Standards
-8."Artists' Blind Eye"
-9.Handling the Criticism.
Beginners/Novice Courses:
-How to Draw The Chibi-Characters.
 --[Front View],  [Angle View],  [Side View],  [Back Angle View]
-Applying the Tutorials to Any Animes.
-All about the Eyes.
    --[Or Skip to Drawing Eyes Page 4],
-Basics of 3D Drawing
    --[Or Skip to 'Above View' (3D Drawing) Steps],
-Basic Positioning of the Heads
-Basics of Drawing the Hands
-All about the Hairstyles.
-Emotions (temporary version?)
-Posting the Artworks on Internet (may be a little overwhelming)
    --[Or Skip to Responsibilities of Posting the Fanarts over Internet
More Advanced Courses:
-How to Draw The Characters in More Realistic Proportions.
-Nudity as a Drawing Tool
-Differences between Males & Females (Faces & Bodies).
-Varying Body Proportions & Face Features.

-How to Draw Full-Figure Female Characters.
   [Front View]  [Angle View]  [Side View]  [Back Angle View]

-Some Pointers on Various Poses of Bodies, Arms and Legs.
-Some Pointers on Advanced 3D Drawing.
Not Quite a
                            Good Drawer, huh? Articles by JA & Other Artists
Advice, Opinions, and Tips offered by Artists. 
-No Drawing Style is the Same! by Jeffrey Anderson
-Copied Styles; Present-Day Fan Artists' Main Problem by Elysse
-Reference for Reference by KittyOcean
-More Drawing Advice than Anyone Wanted by Coelasquid (link to a different website)

Old Tutorials on SailorMoon Characters

-Where to Post Your Artworks.
     Huge Gallery of Anime & Manga Fanarts
     Fanart Central

-Other How to Draw Tutorials:
     Al Mackey's PhotoShop Tutorial
     AWW: Animagaess' How to Draw Anime Style Tutorials
     Crilley's Mark Tutorials (Professional manga-ka!)
     How to Draw Manga
     Baka Neko
     Dragon Paint
     How to Draw Anime Faces by Catherine B.
     Manga Tutorials
     Online Manga University
     Sedia's Fine Arts

-Artists's Tutorials:
     Keysha-chan's Tutoirals on Drawing Hair Curls
     Nolavon's Tutorial on Drawing Wings
     Toounit's Tutorials on Airbrushing and CG Backgrounds
     Wanted: More Tutorial sites!!!


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