TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Some Pointers on Various Poses

    It may be easier to just "copy/trace" someone else's artworks showing the characters in various poses, but by taking this way, they may wouldn't not be able to understand how the poses are structured especially since using as many different poses as possible may be quite essential in the making of animated shows and graphic novels (comic/manga). By understanding how a pose is structured, the artists would be able to create their own original poses in their artworks. It would be boring to see a character doing nothing but just standing there after all. Some poses would even reflect some characters' personalities such as specific body languages and stances for examples.  There are some tools that may help the artists work with many different types of poses including complicated ones such as combat poses, and one example is as shown below:

    This is a posable doll I picked up from some Anime store and it can be adjusted to get many (but not all) poses to help with the drawings. The wooden ones can be found in many art supplies store and even some Walmart superstores. You also can pose in front of a mirror to see how your limbs and body are positioned when taking on a pose and you can even explore which pose is possible or impossible.  That is how many animators used real actors as models to make sure that the animated moves are as realistic as possible (Shrek movies, Ghost in Shell, Polar Express, etc). Speaking of that, you can ask anyone to pose for you. There are some computer programs that are designed to help wtih drawing the characters by creating and printing the poses for the artists to draw on. But what good will those tools do if you don't have a basic understanding of the makeup of the poses?
    As you may have known, everything is made up in imaginery patterns such as circles, squares, triangles etc, but this time when it comes to drawing the characters in different poses, some of us go with "bubbles/beans" which are 3D shapes such as spheres (balls), cones, boxes. "beans" and cylinders and it happens that the concept of 3D is very interweaved with drawing different poses of the characters. See the picture to get an idea of what I mean by "bubbles".
    You can see how the "bubbles" are drawn in many different shapes to make up the body parts of a character in various poses and some people use "stick-people" method to help with the drawings. The bubbles can be adjusted to produce different dimensions of the body and limbs to form the poses and give them a 3D look. You can play with your sketches to discover what works best for you. I used the concept of "bubbles" to quick-sketch Energeia in this pose as shown below: My pencil sketches are always bit messy and please excuse me for that. ^_^;
    There are thousands of possble poses and I can't cover all of them due to time and geology jobs, so I will give some pointers and the examples of how the "bubbles" are arranged to form a character's poses and as a part of your training to be an artist, it's up to you to use your brains to figure them out (that's how I learned to draw on my own). You can even try sketching what I have sketched if you want.

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