TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Posting the Artworks on Internet

    Posting the artworks over internet comes with responsibilities, and many art galleries and websites set the rules(terms) on what kind of artworks you're allowed to post at their places. There are many people especially young people or children out there who don't know that they should ask you for permission to use what you draw and those are the kind of people who can cause problems regardless of their intentions (innocent or guilty). Of course, there will be some idiots who would steal your artworks and claim that they did those artworks on their own. That's what the copyright laws are for, but those laws can only provide small measure of protection for any fanarts, so it helps to be a little flexible with posting your artworks over internet and respect the submission rules of any art galleries.
    Many art galleries will have specific rules on what kind of artworks you're allowed to post in their galleries, and a best example is that the pornographic ("hentai") artworks are not allowed in many art galleries. Even there are some art galleries that  allow pornographic artworks, they are required by the laws to post any warnings about them and allow the visitors to activate the filters that hide any questionable artworks. So be responsible with posting any questionable artworks and always include any warnings about them (like nudity for example). Many visitors don't like nasty surprises, and they can "flame" you or ruin your reputation for that.
    Once you post your artworks anywhere over internet, they will be there for anyone to "pick up and walk away" without asking you for permission, and that is very true for many young fanart collectors out there. Many collectors would collect your fanarts, and forgot where they got the fanarts from and who drew them. They often share the artworks with others, and the very infamous example is Prose N Poetry website that hosted the collection of BSSailorMoon artworks, and many people posted the fanarts at that gallery without knowing where they got the fanarts from (or forgot to ask for permission). That is why you MUST include your name, website address (if any) and date on any artworks you drew, and this way, anyone don't have to worry about forgetting about where they got the artworks or including any credits, because the credits are already there on your artworks. If you forget to include your name and date on your artworks, the people would have no way of knowing who actually drew those artworks and worse, the idiots will easily steal any unnamed artworks and claim that they drew the artworks they stole. Be sure to place your name on your artworks where it will be hard for them to erase your names from your artworks and don't make any fuss about how they should ask you for the permission to display your artworks anywhere else. It's not worth the trouble.
    When you draw any fanarts of your favorite Animangas, I must point that any characters of any Animangas belong to their original creators, and you are drawing the fanarts of their characters without their permission. The creators have the overriding right to decide on what they want to do with their characters as according to the copyright laws. You can claim the credit only for just drawing the fanarts, but not the characters themselves! You can't even claim a full credit for your own "fan characters" because they were derived from the creators' original designs (like "Okatu/fan" sailor soldiered inspired by BSSailorMoon' for examples), and the original creators do retain their rights over the designs (like outfits). For example, I can claim a full credit for (and copyright) Energeia who I created on my own, but I can't claim a full credit for "Sailor Energy", because that name was derived from the "Sailor" names of BSSailorMoon. It is considered illegal to sell the fanarts (or use the characters) for profit, and it is very absurd to "grill" anyone just because they didn't ask for your permission when you were drawing the fanarts without the permission of the creators!
    Therefore, all fanarts should be drawn only for fun, gifts, practice and to show off your fandom. It's okay to draw the fanarts as long as you claim the credit only for just drawing them, and respect the creators' wishes and the fact that the characters belong to their creators. Always include your name and date on any artworks you draw, so not to worry about anyone forgetting to ask you for permission to post your artworks in other places.

    Be responsible with your fanarts and have fun drawing and posting the fanarts!!! ^_^
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