TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
No Drawing Style Is Alike
   Someone told that I don't draw right, and I couldn't help but chuckle at that person's comment. How little does that person realize that NO ONE is perfect (not even Naoko T.) and the fact that. no artist can draw the same or perfectly. Many Anime espeically popular ones are drawn by the different teams of different artists/animators. Take a look at the pictures of Usagi from SailorMoon below (scanned from the poker card sets I have), and see all of the differences. If you can't tell the differences, there must be something wrong with your eyes.

    The left picture was drawn by Naoko Takeuchi, creator of Sailor Moon, and you can see how her drawing style greatly differ from the Anime picture to the right drawn by a different artist. It's very true for the art of the Anime/Manga done so many artists with so many different styles.
    So the so-called "Perfectionists", there are no such thing as 100% perfect in the real world, because everything is ALWAYS different, and plus that we're still learning and never stop learning. Perfect is something which all agreements are made (unanimously). So let's say, if you bring 100 people to take a look at the pictures above, and each person will choose one picture that looks perfect to that person. You will discover that the people have different tastes so they choose different pictures that they like most. If you say that one picture from above is perfect, and in order to make it be completely perfect, you must have to have ALL 100 people agree with you.  That's impossible, because of the different tastes of the people. Another reason is that there are no such thing as "perfectionism" is that if we keep drawing, we never stop improving. ^_^ What looked like a perfect picture one time, but several years later, it's not perfect anymore because we kept improving our skills.
     Also, what matters most are that any artists should be comfortable with drawing in their own styles, and be to able to do their best as they can do. The different drawing styles make the art of Anime more interesting. ^_^

"There is no such thing as perfectionism"