TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Differences Between Males and Females

    When you first started drawing the humans, you may discover that it's not easy to draw any characters who don't look too boyish or too girlish. I had many inquires about how to make the boys look different from the girls. I have some suggestions that may help you on making your characters look more boyish or girlish. Let's take a look at the head shot diagrams below (please excuse my bit messy sketching as usual).

    -Unless your male character was intended to look girlish, the male faces should be bit longer, and more blocky while the female faces be shorter and softer (more rounded). Pointy chins are optional.
    -Give the girls bigger eyes to make them look cuter while the boys be given smaller eyes to make them look more serious.
    -Give the boys bigger noses while the girls get smaller "petite" noses.
    -Give the boys thicker necks while the girls get thinner necks.
    -Be mindful of what kind of hairstyle you give your character and you can check on the books on hairstyles for boys and girls. It's suggested that you go with practical hairstyles especially those that don't take hours to fix (or too hard to draw!).

    If you want the characters in your drawings to look older or more mature, all you do is "stretch" the faces by adding more space between the eyes and the mouth. Look at the diagram below:

    The suggestions are the same as listed up there, but add more space between the eyes and the mouth to make them look more adult-like. You can add the lipsticked lips and longer eyelashes to the women's faces to make them seem more mature. You also can give the male characters bigger chins and bony features. If you experiment with the proportions of the faces, you can get many different results (from elf-like to blocky faces). You also can look at (or even sketch on them) the pictures of real people to get some idea of their face proportions.
    I'm about to present the full-figure diagrams in the next page showing both half-naked male and female characters (with natural look) in order to show the differences between their bodies and how they're patterned. Please excuse me for those diagrams, and the fact I don't consider the female breasts to be "sex objects".  But it would help a lot if anyone could get used to nudity especially when they're serious with advancing their drawing skills or drawing anatomically correct people. If you don't want to deal with natural look, you don't have to go to the next page. You can leave this page, and proceed with more of the step by step tutorials which will demonstrate the "edited" basics of anatomically correct human bodies.

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