TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Handing the Criticisms

    Once you start showing your finished drawings off, there will be some people who are willing to take their time to criticize your drawings. Some may will be helpful and others may will be mean. Don't expect to receive any praises when you just started drawing, and there're good chances that you may will get a plenty of bad comments from any people out there saying something like "You suck!" "Give up on drawing and get a life!" "You're Pathetic!",  whatever. Those comments came from the people who don't know your intentions, your age, when you started drawing, and they might even don't have a good understanding of art. So NEVER let them eat at you! Use them to fuel your determination to get better at drawing!  Too many novice artists gave up because of just one or two simple negative comments.
     The people always look at things differently where it's natural for some people to love your artworks while others to hate your artworks. It's also normal for a very small percentage of people to actually send  you any comments after seeing your artworks. It's like this: When you post a good artwork at a message board with 100 members, 5-10 members will say that they love your artwork while 1-3 members will say that they hate your artwork. Some might get very jealous, and say something bad just to hurt you. The rest will either like or dislike your artwork without saying anything. There's a French proverb: "When nothing happened, that  is usually a good sign." More experienced you become in drawing, more positive comments will start coming in. It's always very nice to get such positive comments since they're good for moral and motivation, but don't be too dependent on them meaning that you shouldn't be too hungry for attention. There will times when you might not get any comments no matter how good you're at drawing.
    There will be some artists who you can ask for advice on how to progress your drawing skills, but there will be some snotty, arrogant or even jealous artists who will do whatever they can to "kill" your interest in drawing in order to cut down the competitions. Anyone who sends you any bad comments are considered idiots, and there are even some babyish idiots who want to provoke you just for fun. So be smart and don't let them get at you by just ignoring them without getting angry or hurt. That's hard to do but you can do that!  If you get any flame emails, DO NOT reply to those flame emails, otherwise, you may will be adding the fuel to the fire. If that happens, the bad rumors about you can be spread easily thru the chat rooms. If you have an urge to lose your temper, just leave and throw your temper at something harmless like the sidewalk not at anyone else. There is a Hindu saying that it's best and more healthy to hurl all of your negative emotions down to the Earth, otherwise, everything will bounce back at you.
    So basically, once you start drawing, don't expect any praises and learn to ignore any negative comments since it takes time to advance your skills. If you're patient and determined, you will eventually be rewarded in some way. ^_^

    Now you have some understanding of the basis of the drawing. Are you ready to start learning how to draw Anime people? Great! ^_^ Let's click on this to go back to the main page of Tutorials and give a try at "How to Draw Chibi Characters" which are supposed to be the easiest kind of Anime characters to draw. Remember, if you couldn't get the drawing to look good at first, don't despair! You just started and all you do is be patient, be determined and by never giving up, you will eventually be good at drawing something even it might take few years. ^_^