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  Most of the fanarts listed are based directly on the mangas (rarely anime) that I owned, so I may get some colors & details incorrect (or leave them in grayscale colors). So let's not be so fussy, and just enjoy them! Also many of the fanarts were drawn mainly for fun so the drawing qualtiy does vary.

-Notes on Jeffrey A.'s Drawing Styles (Updated June 2008)

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Sailor Moon Fanart Gallery by Other Artists
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    Please keep in mind is that the artists come in varying ages, and they have varying art skills & experiences, therefore, please do not send any unreasonable negative comments to the artists. Permission to use any fanarts from this gallery must be obtained directly from the artists themselves and it should be noted that such permisssion may be not possible if the artists are no longer active (invalid emails or dead websites). Any names beginning with "Sailor" is reversed (for example: Sailor Energy is listed as Energy, Sailor).

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Previous Contests:
All of them retain their old layout formats for historical purposes
The Third Humor Fanart Contest (January 08-June08
   The Results of the Storied Fanart Contest (June.06-October 06)
   The Second Mini-Manga  Contest (June.05-October 05)
   The Second Humor Fanart Contest (June.04-October 04)
   The Snapshot Fanart Contest #1(June.03-October 03)
   Mini-Manga Contest#1 (January 02, 2001-July 02, 2002)
    The 1st Humorous Fanart Contest #1 (Oct.00, 2002-Feb.01 2003)

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