When Created:
1992 (as Liselle), revised June 1 2006.
Origins of name:
Energeia is Ancient Greek for "Energy" as coined by Aristotle
Starting Age:
Unknown, looks 10
Type of Power: Energy
Type of Job: Monitoring the energy fabrics of the universe
Likes: Outdoors, Nature including insects,
Dislikes: Anything too salty and sour.
Favorite Colors: Light blue
Hobbies: None, but tend to wander and occasionally getting herself in trouble.
Preferred Outfits: Cute outfits
Too young for that.
Character Design Inspiration: She showed up in one of my dreams.
Character Questions:
-What is the good and bad sides of her personality?
-Why does she have to be innocent and protected?
-What are her bad habits?
-How does she keep Akosmia under control?
-What sort of friends did she earn?
-The origins of her wings?
-Energeia's past?
-What sorts of surprises hidden within her mind (and her wings)?
-Who came to see her when she got sick for the first time?
-How does she reach to nature such as animals and insects?
-What is her life-changing decision she made regarding herself?
-Who's the "Final Boss" she is to confront?
-What did she find in a river?


Latest Reference
Official Reference

How her power work

    Old drawings of Energeia
("Liselle" later Energeia was first drawn in 1992)

KittyOcean's Independent Personality Evaluation
    Energeia: Naive, Childlike, Curious, Playful, but also dedicated and willing to go the distance. However, her negative traits are that she's trapped in a child's body and even if she wants to be serious, she has a hard time convincing people. She's not always taken seriously and seems to lack experience, big time. Her naivety may be cute often, but can also be a hinderance. Not to mention her innocence simply can't fool me. She is capable of destroying worlds and has done so. Nothing you can say can convince me that didn't leave SOMETHING inside her. I don't know how old she is, but while the body can stay 10, her mind can not. It gets experienced, so even if Akosmia tampered with Energeia's wings (a proof Akosmia knows more than she shows), Energeia will always grow up. Maybe less faster, but she will always grow up. Her body just won't. In my eyes, Energeia is an Explorer, who is willing to reach and protect her goal no matter what. She's more mature than she wants people to think and rather erase the mistakes people made, than destroy the people.- KittyOcean,-