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Ako Ene
Pixel Arts of Akosmia and Energeia by KandeChan (

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Posted June 2014:
-Pragma as a Fighter Jet by GameMaster999
-Celtic Singing by Pheeph
-Angelic Cutneness by CooperGal27
-Energeia as Mermaid Pixel Art by BobMagroto
-Akosmia the Sexy Babe by Jyinxe
-Mirror Images by KeeperofCoffins

Posted November 2013:
-Christmas Art Gift(Oshun)  by Aihara-yukii
-Christmas Art Gift by Angel of Beauty
-Akosmia the Koopaling by Aso-Designer

-Arnold Educating Akosmia by
-No such thing as Zombies! by Britishman1940
-Christmas Art Gift by Crash-The-Mega-Raptor
-Three Worlds Tribute Gift by Crash-The-Mega-Raptor
-Christmas Art Gift by Crystalsetsuna
-Friends Forever! by Felinestar88
-Christmas Art Gift by FruitBatslyra
-Christmas Art Gift by HealerCharm
-Christmas Art Gift(Akosmia) by Helder666
-Christmas Art Gift by IceCheetah
-Akosmia's Pain by
Keeper of Coffins
-Christmas Art Gift by Krazoa
-Christmas Art Gift by Kuraiyanimochan
-Energiea, Akosmia, Pragma Meets Athena & Akami
by MarioSonicMoon
-Umbrella Mix-up by MrBlueMonday
-Stella's Gum Prank
by Pheep
by Pheep by Pheep-Snowball! by Pheep
-Energiea by PrettySolderPetite
-Akosmia on Ice by RainbowPonyFairy
-Akosmia & Energiea by ReaUsax
-Holiday Harmonies by Rocket-Stevo
-Akosmia and Lou are so Free! by SailorPhantom
-Christmas Art Gift by SailorPhantom
-Energiea in Wonderland by Samsilverchan92

-Christmas Art Gift by Shenira

-Change your Habits! by
-Virtual Console Argument by Shnoogums5060
-Christmas Art Gift by Tellywebtoons
-Christmas Art Gift by XXUtraCamilanunecamila
-Akosmia Plays Waluigi Pinball by Zefrenchm
-Christmas Art Gift(Akosmia) by Zefrenchm

Posted October 2012:
-Akosmia by Zefrenchm
-Sun Cosplaying as Akosmia by littlehappykitty2010
-Virtual Console Argument by shnoogums5060
-Cosmos and Chaos by andykusanagi
-Pelura Meets Akosmia by peluranunezthebigsis
-Sareena Vs Akosmia by crash-the-megaraptor
-Energeia Gets a Present by KittyOcean
-WereCat Attacks Akosmia by pheeph
     Inspired this "Thank you Card"
 -Energiea and Akosmia by spadejo9
-Team Trevor by Trevor
-Pragma by sailorlilo
-Too hot! (Energeia, Akosmia having fun with KittyOcean's friends) by KittyOcean
-Akosmia and Energeia by Shadejo9
-TRSE Crew Begging for Drawings of Themselves by Renstudios
-Adult Sims Social version of Energeia by ProfessorOak
-Adult Sims Social Version of Akosmia by ProfessorOak
-Akosmia in Pink Dress by Lady Dark Star
-Akosmia and Energiea Having Fun with Trampoline by IceCheetah
-Energeia, Akosmia, Frederica and Anju in Penguin Suits by
-Comic Cover of Three Guardians by
-3D Version of Akosmia by
-Energeia by
-Akosmia Arguing wtih Little Serancy by
-Akosmia by
-Another Happy Holidays by Mayarai
-Bad (Akosmia) Meets Evil (Spirit) by KuraKitsane
-     Sequel by JA (Me):  Drunken Spirit
-Psycho Akosmia by KeeperofCoffins
-Energeia as Little Pony by DavisJes
-Energiea and Akosmia as Sailor Senshi by Atw4L
-Akosmia and Frederica in Tanooki Suits by
-     Sequel by JA (Me):  Warning: Loss of Tanooki Suit!
-Energiea and his OC, Terra switch outfits (and wings) by SailorYoshi54
-Energiea, Pragma and Akosmia in "Alice in Wonderfulland" by SailorYoshi54
-What's Shocking Doc? (His OCs and my OCs) by
-Smiling Energeia by ChibiSailorMarsPower
-Edited Digimon Version of Energeia with Culumo by Naya123
-Edited Digimon Version of Akosmia with Demidevimo by Naya123
-Pony Version of Akosmia 2.0 by by Helder666
-Pony Version of Energeia 2.0 by Helder666
-Pony Version of Pragma 2.0 by Helder666
-Happy Birthday JA! by MegaGundamMan
-Energeia by sabakunoshaara
-Energeia hugs Crying Rika by shnoogums5060
-Energeia Template for Nintendo DS by MarioBlade64
-Energeia by SailorLio
-Kimu Hugs Energeia by KittyOcean, (part of her "Kim in FantasyLand" comics)
-Energeia by SailorBomber
-Akosmia in Minecraft by WilliamFleete
-Energeia Takes Off! by MayaRai
-Order and Chaos Fashion Styles (Energeia and Akosmia)  by Coopergal24
-My Little Pony Version of Energiea by Helder666
-My Little Pony Verison of Akosmia by Helder666
-Akosmia with the Axe by RozenPuppetMaster
-Chibi GIF of Energiea by Helder666
-Chibi GIF of Akosmia by Helder666
-Ami Mizuno Teaches Energeia by Matt the HedgeHog
-Miss Bulldozer (Akosmia) by Mayarai
-Energeia Plays Dress up with Zorya (her OC) by Mayarai
-Big Smiles for Camera (Energiea and her OC, Mula) by Renstudios
-Akosmia by Sailor Lio
-8-bit GIF of Akosmia by Sffan
-Yu-Gi-Oh Cards of Energiea and Akosmia by Sffan
-Akosmia in Orange by KittyOcean
-Energiea in Blue by KittyOcean
-"Little Pony" versions of Energeia and Akosmia by CooperGal25
-"Little Pony" versions of Energeia and Akosmia by DavisJes
-KeyBlade Team up of Energeia, Akosmia and his OC, Trevor by Trevor
- Can We Keep Energeia? by zeldatachibana(
- Akosmia by giss-chan(
- Bright Energeia by Keepers of Coffin (
- 3D DAZ version of Energeia by sailormercury90(
- 3D DAZ version of Akosmia the Dark Angel by sailormercury90(
- Christmas for Energeia and Akosmia by clipperwhiz1(
- Energeia the Mouse (Sonic style) by fanforeveer(
- Akosmia's out to get Waluigi by shnoogums5060 (
--Three Guardians Cosplaying as the characters of XXXoholic by (dragonlover2000) November 2010
Akosmia meets Hellena by keeperofcoffins) November 2010
-Energeia by annorelka, October 2010
-Akosmia by annorelka, October 2010
-Romantic Artwork of Energeia and AnimeMoonKitty's OC by animemoonkitty6 (August 2010)
-Akosmia of Chaos by KeepersofCoffins (August 2010)
-A-Akosmia by bigtimbears  (August 2010)
-Energeia Sleeping on Akosmia's Laps by KeepersofCoffins (August 2010)
-Waluigi is Cahsed by Akosmia by ZeFrenchM (August 2010)
-Gaia Versions of Three Guardians by SFFAN
-Three Guardians: The Russian Dance with his OC, Irina by shnoogums5060 (August 2010) 
-Tomboy Trouble (with Daisy) by ZeFrenchM (August 2010) 
-Akosmia hates Waluigi by ZeFrenchM (August 2010) 
- Energeia & Akosmia as Fairies by lti-hudson-5340
-Thank you Letter for JA and his Mascots by icecheetah
-Energeia by SailorMoon190, base by SarahJuhlin 
-Roll from Megaman cosplaying as Energeia by
- Chibi Spirtes by Helder666 (
    Energeia in School Outfit, Aksomia in School Outfit, & Pragma
- Stellar Nursery by RenStudios (March 2010) 
 -Fanart of Energeia in bright Gothic outfit by Kat 1(kri.yaoi4ever @ 
- Energeia & Akosmia by Jyinxe (
-Teaming with Daz (her original character) to seal the rift by IceCheetah (
- Bake Time!! by Sharom M. magicnova @ 
- TRSE Mascots Visiting RooseBrideAlena in Hospital(Akosmia's searching for TV remote hidden by Pragma) by RoseBrideAlena ( October 2009 
.- Akosmia (Edited from an original pic) by Rose74 ( October 2009 
.- Energeia Pixel ART by Blooberi800 ( Sept 2009 
- Energeia, Megaman style by BigTimeBears ( Sept 2009 
- New Girl at TFM by ZeFrenchM( Sept.2009 
--Energeia by  healercharm (August 2009) 
--Energeia by AnimeMoonKitty (
--Akosmiaby Komiri (
--Xmas Brazilian Gaia Version of Three Guardians by Wolzard(helder_uchiha @ 
--Brazilian New Year Party Gaia Version of Three Guardians by Wolzard(helder_uchiha @ 
--Akosmia by Jyinxe (
--TRSE Cast in Seken Outfits by Kitty Ocean: w_shadowhunter @, October 2008 
--Gaia Version of Energeia, Akosmia and Pragma by Wolzard(helder_uchiha @ (September 2008) 
-- Energeia & Akosmia fanart by Umi Asai (umiasai @ 2008) 
-- Energeia fanart by Invaderzimbabe14 (Deviantart).(June 2008) 
--3D Rendaring of Energeia in Adult Form, by Floranaturefairy (
--Energeia, Akosmia, Pragma and Absence (Kazimak's own character) by
--Baby Energeiaby Kitty Ocean: w_shadowhunter @, January 2008 
--Energeia's Sadness by Tori: missdrama1013 @ 
--HD Doll GIF of Energeia in Kitty Ocean's style by Kitty Ocean: w_shadowhunter @
--Energeia, Akosmia and Pragma by Silver Maiden (silvermaidenh @ Source of base GIFs for Akosima and Energeia: Unknoen's Pixel Art
--Energeia, Akosmia and Pragma by Kasalaca of
--Energeia(Grown-up)by Titan, PrincessEmail:(devil_angel_wolf @,Website:
--Energeia in Victorian Era Attire by Psyche (stitchrocksmysocks @ 
--Doll GIF of Energeia by Sasha Email: www.sasha4-ever @ 
--Energeia by Sasha Email: 
--Energeia by Sean G.Email: Website: Sean G.'s Deviantart
--Energeia in Pink! by Jyinx (jyinxe @ October 2006 
--Happy 7th Card (Energeia in it) by Mamo/Hiroku Sailor (mamoluffsyaoi @ June 2006 
--Happy 7th Card (Energeia in it) by Diana (minnowviking @, June 2006 
--Doll GIF of Energeia by Melissa using a base from
--Happy 6th Birthday TRSE! (Energeia on it) by MiniMecury
--Doll GIF of Energeia by  Eternal Magic
--Fanart of Energeia by Alex (October 2005), website:
--Akosmia by Kitty Ocean: w_shadowhunter @, January 2008 
--Akosmia at the Beach by Celestial-Selene
--I hate Hentai! by EmmyK ( 
--A Doll GIF of Akosmia by  Sasha Email: (August 2007) 
--A Doll GIF of Akosmia by EternalMagic ( (July 2006)

--Doll GIF of Energeia by Kitty Ocean: w_shadowhunter @