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--KittyOcean's 'Pure Gold' Fanfic including diagrams and some comics.


Posted June 2014:
-Awkward Moment by Pheeph
-Celtic Singing by Pheeph
-Feline BabySitter (Larima) by Pheeph
-Katie's Rejection by Pheeph
-Floating Muneca Powell by Spadejo9
-UnRuly Kids by Pheeph

Posted November 2013
-Larima's Muddy Rescue by BashertheBasiksk
-Muneca's Muddy Rescue by BashertheBasiksk
-Christmas Art Gift(Mermaid verison of Pacificators) by Bob Magroto
-Christmas Art Gift (Daryl) by Clipperwhiz1
-Wishing Upon a Star (Daryl & Kathy) by Clipperwhiz1
-Three Worlds Tribute Gift by Crash-The-Mega-Raptor
-Daryl Needs SunGlasses! by Gogopri
-Muneca Powell by Kira99
-Christmas Art Gift(Nozimo) by KittyOcean
-Christmas Art Gift (Breanne n Anya) by Midnight-Agent
-Get to Work you two! (Shiva N Zorya as Students) by Midnight-Agent
-Umbrella Mix-up by MrBlueMonday
-Mediative reflex (Mina n Aphrodite) by Phby Pheep
by Pheep
-Stella's Gum Prank
by Pheep
-Stella Plays Salt Prank on Muneca by Pheep
-Christmas Art Gift by Ph by Pheepeep
-Christmas Art Gift by RenStudios
-Valentine's Day for Shiva and Aphrodite by Rocket-Stevo
-Holiday Harmonies by Rocket-Stevo
-Energiea in Wonderland by Samsilverchan92
-In Need of Fashion Makeover by Shnoogums5060
-Change your Habits! by
-Christmas Art Gift (Cinna) by Shadejo9
-Larima Hides from Cinna by
-Akosmia Plays Waluigi Pinball by Zefrenchm
-Aphrodite Serves Pizza to Luigi by Zefrenchm
-New Dress for Miss Muneca Powell by Keeper of Coffins
-The Torbern Sisters by Platinasi

Posted before October 2012
-Whisper Shows off her Scrapbook to Muneca Powell by Crash-the-megaraptor.
-Birthday Party with Pacificators by Zefrenchm
     Inspired this "Thank you Card"
-Kathy Lee as Phoenix Angel by clipperwhiz1
-Cinna's Bad Joke by IceCheetah
     Inspired this "Thank you Card"
-Spirit Vs Pirate Ferdinanl Cook by kuraikitsune13
-Muneca's New Pet by Zefrenchm
-TRSE Crew Begging for Drawings of Themselves by Renstudios
-Tea Time (Muneca Powell and her OC, Mavi) by Mayarai
-Marline Meets her Idol, Daryl by
-Christmas Avent, #3, Daryl & Scoody Doo by
-Christmas Avent, #6, Larima & Taffe by
-Christmas Avent, #21, Muneca Scolding drunken Daemon from Team Fortress Game by
-Cinna the Pyro and Fire Mario by
     Sequel by JA (Me):  Cinna's Pyro Mishap
-Happy Holidays by Mayarai
-     Sequel by JA (Me):  Snowballed a wrong queen!
-Another Happy Holidays by Mayarai
-Muneca powell by Jyinxe
     -"Thank you" Card for Jyinxe by JA
-Don't call Muneca a "Maggot". by
-Volleyball Feud by
-Happy Birthday JA  by Zefrenchm
 Inspired this sequel: -Pacificators: Darth Vader Breathing (Oct. 2011)
-Aphordite as Scuba Driver)  by Zefrenchm
-Happy Birthday JA by CrashBash
-Edit of "Sailor Cinna" by hpfangirl9177
-Happy Birthday JA! by MegaGundamMan
-Pacificators by pheeph
-Aphrodite & Thalia by RenStudios
-Princess Daisy Cosplaying as Muneca Powell by steamhound60
-DAZ: "Forest Smiles" of Pacificators (3D models) by sailormercury90
-MapleLeaf Version of Pacifiactors and 3 Guardians by ayumuhunter
-Pacificators as Tahari (her own original aliens) by hpfangirl9177
-Egyptian Art of Cinna , Muneca by hpfangirl9177
What if the Pacificators are Horses? by hpfangirl9177
-Bismun -Larima -Daryl -Cinna -Muneca
-Larima Torbern by Jyinx
-Learning Good Manners (Muneca scolding Waluigi and Wario) by Zefrenchm
-Muneca Powell and Princess Daisy by Zefrenchm
-Thank you JA! (Herself with Muneca Powell) by KakeruOgami
-Mingling Along (Kalua, Muneca, & Jill with his OCs, Nathia, Sharifa, & Huang by Shnoogums5060
 The Pacificators by. Keepers of Coffin ( November 2010
-Pacificators Go to a Party &. Regenedes Go to the Same Party! by Joise (MayQueen02)
          josieark @, website: November 2010
-The girls are LATE! by November 2010
-Recovery of Lost Pendant by IceCheetah, November 2010
-Washing Akosmia's Wings by IceCheetah, November 2010
-Do not Touch! (Kenna protecting Daryl) by renstudios (October 2010)
-Larima's Dream by IceCheetah, October 2010
-Happy Birthday to JA (Mathias, Larima and Taffe by ZeFrenchm (October 2010)
-Super Cinna Brothers by ZeFrenchm (October 2010)
-Hello Fire hazard, I mean Kenna (OC) by renstudios (October 2010)
-Diagram of Sal,  Therapist for T-Pacificators by renstudios (November 2010)
-Diagram of Kenna, Pacifictor of Lightning by renstudios (October 2010)
-Diagram of Kiffe, er I mean Rikki, BodyGuard of Kenna by renstudios (October 2010)
   I made really a funny typing typo there. :XD:
-Sketches of Osiris by renstudios (August 2010)
-Breanne Geothe by renstudios (August 2010)
-Sketches of Osiris by renstudios (August 2010)
:-Muneca Powell taking a "Victorian Stroll" by sailormercury90
-Jeffrey Anderson's Girls by Rocket-Stevo (August 2010)
-Pacificators: Mind Control by Rocket-Stevo (August 2010)
-Pacificators: Video Game by Rocket-Stevo  (August 2010)
-Glennis and Kane (Fan characters) by KittyOcean
-Sketch of Aphrodite in Winter outfit by KittyOcean
-Muneca Powell by rocket-stevo
-Cinna Grossul by rocket-stevo
- Chibi Spirtes by Helder666 (
    Bismun as Samurai, Cinna as Amazon, Larima in Eyptian Prietess, Daryl as Native American, Taffe as Gunslinger, Muneca as Kunoichi, Breanne Goethe, Lady Qamra & Shiva
- Main Pacificators Characters by April 2010
- Daryl, Muneca and Cinna  by Jance ( November 2009
- 3D Rendering of Daryl Smithson by November 2009
- Gateway to the Heavens by Taskedangels (
- Diagram of Pacificators plus Enlil by JuHwa(Korean)( October 2009
- Shiva & Enlil by Jance ( October 2009
- Daryl Smithson by, October 2009
- Reading "How to Deal with Difficult People" by IceCheetah, October 2009
- Larima by mixiemangagirl60, October 2009
- Muneca Powell in Evening Dress by Floranaturefairy (/ Sept. 2009)
- Larima Torbern by JessicaD ( 2009
- Wrong Mary Poppins! by
- Christopher & Breanne by RenD (
- Playing Star Wars but FAIL by
- Lights and Mirrors(Daryl and Travis) by RenD (
- Muneca Powell by RenD (
- Shiva by Jance (
- Daryl in Hanbok (Korean outfit)  by
- Pacificators Cosplaying as Characters of Harry Potter by
- TRSE Cast in Seken Outfits by Kitty Ocean: w_shadowhunter @, October 2008
- Daryl Smithson by Mewarrow (, October 2008
- Gaia Version of Pacificators by Wolzard (helder_uchiha @ October 2008
-Daryl by Kitty Ocean(w_shadowhunter @ 2007)

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