The Realm of Sailor Energy: Pacificators
Main Characters



        Most of the characters are inspired by real people, not some boring (no offense!) hollywood-type "hotties/celebrities" and fictional characters. The properties of their elemental powers are more science-based than classic mystics (for example: throw out what you knew about black holes from the fantasy games before learning about the true nature of the black holes.)
Main Characters:
 Daryl Smithson, Novice T-Pacificator of Light
 Muneca Powell, By-the-book T-Pacificator, Gravity,
 Cinna Grossul, T-Pacificator of Fire, Sleuth
 Larima Torbern, T-Pacificator of Water, Diplomat
  Taffe Torbern, T-Pacificator of Air, Junior Commander
 Bismun Volborth, Commander of Platoon 113
pic  Breanne Geothe, Commander of Resarch Pt. 126
pic  Qamra Umar, Head of Intelligence Network

 Springer Brown, Secretary of Platoon 126

 Kathy Lee Model Pacificator of Fire
 Nozomi of Setting Sun Corp.,
   And her accomplices: Benito, Enrique, Achate and Schorl.

 Belinda Estaban of Spanish Royality
 "Shiva" of Odin's Organization of Renegadeser
 "Enlil" of Odin's Organization of Renegades
 "Aphrodite" of Odin's Organization of Renegades
-Ferdinand Cook, the "Wannabe Pirate".

Other Characters:

Allan Coleman: An intern archaeologist from Platoon 126
  Official Character Design

Christopher Bowen, a Spanish handyman from Platoon 126
  Official Character Design

"Osiris", a easily-scared gloomy Renegade with power of light (mirrors)
  Official Character Diagram,  How his Power works.

"Khnum", a Jewish artist by career supporting Shiva's group of Renegades.
  Offical Character Diagram    How his Power works:

"Tiamat", a single Polish mother working as a mercenary with power of water
  How her power works:

"Hermes", a young Czech messenger for the Renegades who can run fast.
  Official Character Diagram,

 Izabel Duroi, a lesbian banker with snake-y ambitions.
  Official Character Diagram,

Gincoi, an independent Renegade from Ghana, Africa

Yuma, a former Buddhist on what he considers to be a path to Hell.

Rendo, a teen boy whose mind has been retarded by his power of electricity.

Alena, a scientist with power of wind.

Captain Ivarov, Russian navy captain.

Egmond Dumertior, a bodyguard for hire.
 Official Character Diagram.