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The Three Guardians: The Mother of All



A "practice" manga of my own featuring Energeia, Akosmia and Pragma, the mascots of this website.

"What was that ominous energy I sensed?" -Energeia-

    The duty of Energeia of Energy and Order, a child with mechanical wings, is to protect the energy fabrics of local universe from any artificial interference by any advanced civilizations, and the steps have been taken to keep her existence secret for her protection. She is protected and aided by her buddha-like brother, Pragma of Matter, and her wild sister, Akosmia of Chaos. Very little is known about Pragma while the reputation of Akosmia is poorly understood and considered evil by many morally zealot people that she has been subject to frequent "witchhunts". Those three are the Three Guardians of the Universe and they, especially Akosmia, would do what must be done to protect the energy fabrics of the universe even if they have to carry out the total destruction of a targeted civilization.
    Energeia has sensed a very weak but very ominous energy source located within an asteroid orbiting the binary system of an ancient star and a neutron star, and the Three Guardians decide to investigate this energy source, evaluate its threat to the universe, and neutralize it if necessary. It turns out that the asteroid is what remained of a very ancient civilization that had nearly destroyed the universe, and there is something very dangerous locked within the deepest section of the asteroid, beckoning curious Energeia to release it.

Notes about The Guardians: The Mother of All
      This graphic novel is the first and one-shot original graphic novel done by Jeffrey Anderson (that's me) and it is considered a "practice manga" to learn develop new methods for purpose of printed version, and in preparation for the full-scale graphic novel: The Pacificators the Gateway to the Heavens.
-Rated PG13, due to some tragic contents and covered nudity scenes (for practice purposes), but the best thing is that there is no profanity :). Also contains a plenty of humor.
-Because of Jeffrey Anderson's deafness, the small pictures and narrow "triangles" tend to be used in place of sound effects.
-Colored in white and black to save on the costs, resources and time except for few special pages.

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 -The Three Guardians: The Mother of All

Profiles for Anyone not familiar with this Website's Mascots (as suggested):
 Energeia of "Energy" the Mascot of this Website.
 Akosmia of Chaos
 Pragma of Matter


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