The Realm of Sailor Energy:
  Sailor Moon Mini-Mangas



Older mini-mangas follow the dub version while newer ones are completely Japanese version.

  -Interrupted by Snowballs (Transformation) (January 2010)
  -Interrupted by Snowballs #2 (Attacks) (April 2010)

  -Chibichibi and the Cookies (January 2000)(moved from bottom)
  -Chibichibi and the Cookies 2 (September 2003)
  -Chibichibi and the Cookies 3 (September 2003)
  -Chibichibi and the Cookies 4 (October 2003)
  -Chibichibi and the Cookies 5 (October 2003)
  -Chibichibi and the Cookies 6 (January 2006)

  -Venus to Guard the Cookies (October 2007)
  -Venus to Guard the Cookies (October 2007)
  -Mercury to Guard the Cookies (October 2007)
  -Mars to Guard the Cookies (October 2007)
  -Uranus to Guard the Cookies (October 2007)
  -Jupiter to Guard the Cookies (October 2007)
  -Neptune to Guard the Cookies (October 2007)
  -Saturn to Guard the Cookies (November 2007)
  -Starlights to Guard the Cookies (November 2007)
  -ChibiMoon and her Asteroid Senshi Team to Guard the Cookies (December 2007)
  -Sailor Pluto to Guard the Cookies NOT! (January 2008)
  -Tuxedo Kamen to Guard the Cookies (December 2008)

  -Final Mini Manga of ChibiChibi and the Cookies.

People Like to Watch Kittens Play (January 2008)
  -Design Defect (September 2006)
  -Unimo is Really in Trouble. (June 2006)
  -When Around Mistress 9, Always Watch your Step (based on a suggestion). (May 2006)
  -Shopping for a House (May 2006)
  -Just Driving Around (January 2006)
  -What to Wear for Halloween 2005 (October 2005)
  -Nehelenia's Minor Setback (July 2005)
  -Rei Hino's Silly and FarFetched Idea (July 2005)
  -Rowdy Day for Cats  (May 2005)
  -Seiya and his Guitar (August 2001)
      Sequal: Seiya's Revenge (April 2005)
  -Yaten's Out to Treasure Hunting (April 2005)
  -Whose Computer is this?! (November 2004)
        A Sequal to Whose Computer is this? by Digilee (Nov. 2004)
  -Heat Storm (June 2004)
  -B-2 Stealth Bombers (June 2004)
  -Cookie Chase (May 2004)
  -Just a Bit History of Rubeus & Esmeralde (Emerald) (Feb. 2004)
  -The day Pluto Has been Dreading (November 2003)
  -What to Dress for Halloween. (October 2003)

  -Bubble Gums(September 2003)
  -Another Long Day for Naru (Molly) (August 2003)
  -Re-Creating the Big Bang (May 2003)
  -Jade in Quartz (April 2003)
  -Watch out for the Rats(March 2003)
  -Beware of Dog (March 2003)
  -Practicing some Violin Lessons(Dec. 2002)
  -Don't Let the Names Get at You(Nov. 2002)
  -The Gold Coin in the Pool(Nov. 2002)
  -The Spore (Nov. 2002)
  -Perfumes(January 2002)
  -An  Ordinary Egg (January 2002)
  -A Problem With Playing Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game
      (August 2001)
  -Playing with the Shadows (August 2001)
  -The Jar (August 2001)
  -Get a Life! (August 2001)
  -Seiya and his Guitar (August 2001)
  -Calvin & Hobbies Style Mini-Manga (July 2001)
  -Not Used to It (Japanese Version of SMStars)(July 2001)
  -Attempts to Make Taiki Laugh(Japanese Version of SMStars)(July 2001)
  -Stars in the Eyes ( Japanese Version of SMStars)(July 2001)
  -Chibiusa Helps Hotaru Have Fun at Swimming
      (Japanese Version of SMStars)(July 2001)
  -Moon Spiral Heart Attack (October 2000)
         -Sequal: How did She Do It Without Getting Dizzy!?(Dec 2004)
  -"Cousins"(October 2000)
  -Mamoru Goes Out to Relax (October 2000)
  -Usagi Attempts to Dive (October 2000)
  -Minako's Acrobatic Dive (October 2000)
  -Pink Sugar Heart Ache (October 2000)
  -The Attack of the Sea Demon (June 2000)
  -The Sacred Fire (June 2000)
  -Saturn, What Did You Do? (June 2000)
  -Moon Vs MiniMoon (ChibiMoon): The Battle to the Death (June 2000)
  -"Ami Mizuno"(May 2000)
  -The Cake (May 2000)
  -Hotaru's Hat(May 2000)
  -The Pioneer (May 2000)
  -Diana and the Yarn Ball(February 2000)
  -A Nightmare for Luna Ball (Luna-P)(February 2000)
  -Mrs. Spider (February 2000)
  -Usagi in the Hat (February 2000)
  -Makoto is Daydreaming Again (January 2000)
  -Serena? What's Wrong? (January 2000)

"Senshiology" Mini-Mangas:
 1. How the Sailor Senshi (Soldiers)' True Identities are Kept Secret.
 2. How the Sailor Senshi (Soldiers) Activate Their Powers
 3. How the Sailor Senshi (Soldiers) Are Able to Jump so High and So Far.
 4. What's up with Sailor Senshi (Soldier)' Colored Fingernails?!
 5. How Tuxedo Mask produce the hard and sharp Rose Darts? (will be posted in the near future)
 6. How long do the Sailor Senshi (Soldiers)'s Transformations take?
 7. Why did They End up in Japan Instead of Other Places over the World?
    The real reason is that Naoko T. is Japanese and very familiar with her home city, Tokyo. That's why the SM series take place at Tokyo, Japan (except for SuperS movie I think which had German/Swiss setting).
 8. Where do they keep their Transformations Pens, CPU, and other items?
 9. Breakup of the Sailor Fuku (Suit) (ever wonder how they use bathrooms?)(June 2004)
10 What Happens to the Clothes while Transforming?(September 2004)
    Note: This Mini-manga involves De-transformations based on Sailor Uranus's De-transformation scene in one SMS episode that has been omitted from the English dubs and that involves some nudity.


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