Sailor Moon Guest Mini-Mangas



Advice: It's best and easier to produce a script, and have it be proofread by others before drawing them.

NOTE: If you already have a fanfic manga on your own site, you can just submit a link to your story (no limit on page numbers), and I'll get it listed in the Library of TRSE as long as your fanfic manga follows the rules as listed below.

1. Your fanfic manga can be in either black & white or color.

2. The Realm of Sailor Energy: is intended to be enjoyed by the people of any age (including the children!)  Therefore, your story must be rated within the range of G to PG13. Any hentai (pornography), profanity (swear words) except for something like "@#@$%",  and excessively bloody contents are prohibited. The nudity is okay long as they are reasonably drawn (and with taste). "Nudity" note will be posted next to each manga.

3. Due to limited memory capacity, I can accept only the mangas featuring the original characters from the Anime & Mangas (won't accept crossovers, stories about fan-created characters, etc.)

4. It is strongly recommended that each of your fanfic manga doesn't exceed a maximum number of 20 pages due to the limit of memory capacity, unless you already have a fanfic manga posted in your own site. If so, just simply submit a HTML (not JPG/GIF) link to it.

5. Please be careful with grammars and spellings!!!  Use the dictionary (yes, use dictionary!) or spell checker in your word processor to eliminate any spelling mistakes. Have someone else to proofread your story before submitting it.

6. Please ensure that the font size of the words of your manga are large enough to be readable (minimum font size of 12 (or larger if submitting large pictures), so it would remain readable when it has been reduced to the width of 600 pixels.

7. Artists' Nicknames are on first came, first served basis. For example, Ra submits her fanarts to me using her "Sailor Sun" nickname, and her fanarts are now posted in my galleries. Later,  Helios submitted the fanarts to me using his "Sailor Sun" nickname, but Ra already had the fanarts posted under her "Sailor Sun" nickname, so Helios must choose a different nickname. That is necessary to avoid any confusions as well as considering the fact that people are consistantly changing their email addresses, making everything even more confusing. That can result in posting the fanarts in wrong places/under wrong artists

If you don't understand the rules above, PLEASE ask me and I'll do my best to help you.

Thank you very much for reading the guidelines!!
Any questions/concerns/comments? Please email me.
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Please email your fanarts as the attachments
to:  sailorenergy AT (replace AT with @).


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