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Basic Information on Sailor Moon



Art by Naoko Takeuchi, creator of Sailor Moon


    Sailor Moon is a story mixed with action and soap opera written by Naoko Takeuchi in form of mangas (Japanese comics), and 200 original Japanese episodes (5 series, 1991-1996) titled Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon were based on Naoko T.'s mangas. The story concerns a Junior High crybaby girl named Usagi (known as Serena in American dubs) who unexpectedly becomes Sailor Moon, the protector of the Earth. Eventually, other Sailor Senshi (Soldiers) named after the planets of the Solar System joined her to help her protect their world from any evil forces. The evil forces are not only ones they had to face, they also have to face their own personal conflicts too. The villians also had to contend with their own personal conflicts, and no goals of each evil force is the same.
     The episodes consisted of action, adventure, romance, tragedy, comedy, and many others. Sailor Moon was originally intended to be enjoyed by young female teenagers, but it became popular with anyone in any age...

List of Main Characters and their Basic Info.
Any names within ( ) are the English names..
Japanese Name, (English Name) Basic Info:
Sailor Moon (Main Character)
Usagi Tsukino, (Serena Tsukino)
She was lazy & crybaby who preferred to have fun over studying, but she had a strong love, will, and spirit.
Tuxedo Kamen(Mask) of Hope & Earth*
Mamoru Chiba, (Darien Shields)
A boyfriend of  Usagi(Serena) who was entering into college, and he almost always be there to help Sailor Moon in distress. He commonly keeps his feeling to himself. 
Sailor Mercury of Water
Ami Mizuno, (Amy Mizuno/Anderson)
A shy, innocent, brainy girl who studies to achieve her dream of being a good doctor. 
Sailor Mars of Fire
Rei Hino (Raye Hino)
A young Shinto Priestess with a nasty temper who, despite her strong friendship with Usagi(Serena), often get in fights with her.
Sailor Jupiter of Wood & Lightning
Makoto Kino (Lita Kino)
A strong girl skilled in karate who loved to cook and clean the houses. She was very protective of her friends, and had a weak spot for boys reminding of her ex-boyfriend.
Sailor Venus of  Light & Metal
Minako Aino (Mina Aino)
A ditzy but friendly girl who loved to have fun, be a celeb groupie, and dreamed of being an actress. She carried a grief hidden within her.
Sailor Mini Moon
Chibiusa (Rini Chiba)
A pink haired young princess who came from the future. She loved to make friends, and tend to be bratty toward Usagi(Serena).
Sailor Pluto of  Underworld/Time(?)
Setsuna Meioh (Trista Meioh)
A lone & logic Sailor Soldier who was assigned to guard the Time Gate against any abuse by any intruders.
Sailor Uranus of Wind
Haruka Tenoh (Amara Tenoh)
A tomboy girl skilled with martial arts who liked to do many things considered masculine. She tend to be very teasing.
Sailor Neptune of Ocean
Michiru Kaioh (Michelle Kaioh)
An elegant girl who was very talented with violin and art. She resented being a Sailor Soldier.
Sailor Saturn of Silence/Ruin/Death(?)
Hotaru Tomoe
A young girl with weak body who had a lonely and isolated (due to her powers) life, but she was very happy to have a friend like Chibiusa (Rini).
Sailor Fighter of the Starlights
Seiya Kou
A playful but bit arrogant person who likes sports and is the lead singer in the singing group. Had a crush on Usagi
Sailor Healer of the Starlights
Yaten Kou
A beautiful looking person with attitude problem, who is very fond of the animals specially cats.
Sailor Maker of the Starlights
Taiki Kou
A mature and cultured person, but bit loofy and introverted, but do often show softer side.
Sailor ChibiChibi
A mysterious 2 year old girl that appeared out of nowhere to accompany Usagi. Likes to wander off and go crazy about the sweets.
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*    Sailor Earth did not exist in any Sailor Moon episodes and mangas due to the fact that Naoko Takuechi assigned Tuxedo Kamen(Mask) as a guardian of the Earth (he was a prince of Earth in his previous life). Plus that Sailor Galaxia herself named Tuxedo Kamen(Mask) as a Guardian of planet Earth. The attraction between Tuxedo Kamen(Mask) and Sailor Moon can be compared to the attraction between Earth and Moon. Also, his Japanese name, Mamoru Chibi means "Protector of Earth".


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