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 .   TRSE: The Facets of the Silver Crystal:
    The Mini-Manga Fanart Contest #1
The contest ran from January 2002 to July 2002, 
and the voting period ran from July to August.
The results:

Special Awards:
    -Funniest Mini-manga (regardless of drawing skills):
        A Future Lady by Nicara. (23 out of 108 votes)
    -Best Story (regardless of anything else):
        Usagi-Hime by Shirono (34 out of 108 votes)
    -Best drawing (regardless of story contents or how funny):
         Usagi-Hime by Shirono (34 ot of 108 votes)

 JA's Note: It's apparent that the votes are spread very thinly over those catogeries, and it would seem that the next time I host a contest, one can vote for an entry only once in any catogeries.

The Prize Winners:
    -1st Place:   Usagi-Hime by Shirono (262 points)
          View the Award.
    -2nd Place:  A Future Lady by Nicara. (261 points) (so close......)
          View the Award.
    -3rd Place:  Makoto's Cooking Lesson by Shannon (177 points)
          View the Award.
    -4th Place:  Uranus's Great Idea by Janice (93 points)
          View the Award.

Honorable Mentions:
 -Usagi's Memories by SeaGod (79 points)
 -Loneliness of Hotaru by Raine (51 points)
 -The Awakening of a Butterfly by Ozgu Oksuz (47 points)

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