The Realm of Sailor Energy:
3rd Humor Contest Entries by Artists
   I received the entries from 23 artists (but had lost few entries by accident :( ) and only 33 people voted which is barely enough to break the ties.

Winners of the 3rd TRSE Humor Contest:
1st Place:
03. Kitty Ocean(w_shadowhunter @
    A.Tokyo Mew Mew:  Cats and Butter (Jan 2008)  13 votes
2nd Place:
07. JessicaRules93 (dbzgirl311 @ Website:
   A. Bleach:  Urahara & Ichigo's Training 10 votes
3rd Place:
06. Umi Asai (umiasai @ Website:
   B. Sailor Moon: Thick Hips 9 votes
4th Place:
11. LilyArt2006 (raven_lewis_ @ 
   A. Dragonball: Photo Retake Day 7 votes

00. Jeffrey Anderson (as an example)
   A.Sailor Moon: Grandpa's Antics
   B.Sailor Moon: ChibiChibi's Little Problem with her Lollipop.
  .C.Bleach: Rukia's Bankai
   D.Fruit Baskets: How Did She Do That?!
   E.Naruto: Shikamuru is Great at Strategy But... 

01.Tache(tache-sama @
   A. SailorMoon: Haruka & Michiru's Wedding Portrait------- 3 votes

02.Mitsuki(oylette2000 @
   A.Naruto: Itachi's Expermental Jutsui------- 0 votes

03. Kitty Ocean(w_shadowhunter @
    A.Tokyo Mew Mew:  Cats and Butter (Jan 2008)------- 13 votes

04. iNoa (dingaw12 @
   A. Naruto: Sasuke's LIttle Problem------- 5 votes

05. Digilee(digitalleonardo @
   A. SailorMoon: Heavy Lifting------- 6 votes

06. Umi Asai (umiasai @ Website:
   A. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi's Un-boring Idea------- 2 votes
   B. Sailor Moon: Thick Hips (Naoko T's artworks are used in this manga for pun purposes)
                 ------- 9 votes
07. JessicaRules93 (dbzgirl311 @ Website:
   A. Bleach:  Urahara & Ichigo's Training------- 10 votes

08. Laurel (email unknown) 
   A. Fruit Baskets:  What Would Happen if Shigure has the Camera...------- 4 votes

09. Sweet Ghost of Dreams (persian_demon_queen @
   A. SailorMoon:  Why Aluminum Siren Should Stop Eating all the Time.------- 2 votes
   B. SailorMoon:  Tin Nyanko's turn to do the laundry.------- 1 votes

10. White Magician Girl (white_magician_girl @
   A. InuYasha: After the Bath------- 5 votes
   B. SailorMoon:  Where's Chibiusa?------- 5 votes

11. LilyArt2006 (raven_lewis_ @ 
   A. Dragonball: Photo Retake Day------- 7 votes

12. CSE(MyKoriAke @ 
   A. Sailor Moon Parallel Universe:  Kousagi's Corner as drawn by Kousagi------- 2 votes
        Note that the SM Parallel Universe drawn by Naoko T. for fun features Usagi's second daughter protected by the daughters of the "Inner" Sailor Senshi.

13. Emmy K(emmyk87 @ 
   A. Sailor Moon: Usagi's Vengence------- 1 votes

14. Vare (vare-kun @
  A.Sailor Moon: Fighting Evil by Moonlight------- 5 votes

15. Dark Rider Kiva 
        (annoymous at request, but can be contacted via KittyOcean (w_shadowhunter @
  A. Sailor Moon: Bunny-------1 votes

16. Minjung (eacchoh @
  A. Rozen Maiden: Rosa Mystica Cafe------- 2 votes

17. Janice (anime_girl2004 @
  A. FullMetal Alchemists: Getting Shorter------- 5 votes

18. Mary Liz Hicks (chinacatchic @
  A. Sailor Moon: Forbidden Love------- 4 votes

19. Sailor Syaoran (
  A. Sailor Moon: Chibiusa's Corn Buns------- 2 votes

20. Peppy Paintbrush (peppypaintbrush @ (
   A. Sailor Moon: Other uses of the Talismans------- 1 votes
   B. Sailor Moon: Saturn's Shoe Problem------- 5 votes
   C. Mermaid Melody P.P.P: Microphone Problem------- 1 votes
   D. Fruit Baskets: Tohru's Question------- 4 votes

21. Reiychelle (obsessed_fangirl @
   A. YuYu Haskudo: Hiei Needs Glasses------- 4 votes
   B. Naruto: Orochimaru Actually Achieved Something Nondestructive------- 5 votes
C. Death Note: L & Light Play Monopoly.------- 4 votes

22. Athena (
   A. Death Note: Two L's ?!------- 4 votes

23. Ben G.(Nightime_Pearl @
   A. Sailor Moon: Target Practice------- 2 votes


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