The Realm of Sailor Energy:
Art Trades/Requests Guidelines



  I am willing to do the art request in exchange for help with spreading of the word about my original mangas such as Three Guardians, Pacificators, and Namka Hamako. I also can do art trades in exchange for the artworks of my own original characters only. Commissions are possible, but  I don't come cheap.
  I must apologize for the fact that the Request/Artrades slots are open only to those with Deviantart account which helps me keep track of them as well as to avoid being over-whelmed by too many requests/artrades. Whether I'm open to requests or not, can be checked at my, somewhere below my profile and journal entries.

   I need to be blunt with pointing out out what I'm not comfortable with and I just wanted to bring that up so to avoid having any personal/ethnic/moral conflicts. ^^;

1. I absolutely want to be most true to the characters' personalities as possible as intended by their creators. I consider any alternations of their personalities a sign of disrespect toward them, but even I can make mistakes without realizing it.

2. In most cases, I don't like crude stuff or anything that makes me feel quite rude or disrepectful toward any characters. For example, I won't do "hate artworks" and those artworks involving rude stuff like pulling wedgies.

3. Except for parody purposes,  I want to avoid any crossovers, because I don't enjoy those. But it's possible for me to group some characters in form of "your favorite characters" artworks.
     I don't like the romantic type of crossovers. The examples are Vash of Trigun kissing or marrying Usagi from Sailor Moon, or any romantic relationships that never happened in the original stories like Ami Mizuno X Makoto Kino, Winry X Mustang, or even Naruto x Sasuke. I do support the romantic relationships only as intended by their creators like let's say Usagi X Mamoru (and sometimes Seiya), Edward X Winery, Miroku X Shango, and even Michiru X Haruka. :)  The thing with Vash marrying Usagi makes me feel like I'm arranging marriage of those two against their will. I also want to avoid any fan-created relatives/offsprings resulting from such couplings (there may be some exceptions)

4. I'm all in for drawing your own original characters, but I don't support Original Character X Canon Characters romance stuff nor any relatives resulting from any "forced" romantic couplings. That is mainly because those canon characters don't belong to us and it makes me feel like I'm forcing the characters to do something against their wills. As I said before,  I support only those that are intended by their original creators. For example, I'm all for Mamoru(or Sieya) X Usagi, Michiru X Haruka (both are lesbians), InuYasha X Kagomi(or Kyoto), or Edward X Winry  but NOT Sailor Mercury X your own character because Sailor Mercury's not your character. Again, that makes me feel like I'm forcing someone to do something against his/her own will. An original character X original character coupling is fine with me as long as they're your own characters. :) It's also okay for your OCs to meet the canon characters from any series only as friends or go on temporary dates.

5. I don't want to draw any brothers/sisters/cousins for any canon characters when they don't have any such relatives in the first place! An example is Mamoru has a sister going by "Sailor Earth" when he never had any siblings in the first place (only Naoko Takuechi can decide on that, not fans!). Another example: Edward of FullMetal Alchemists have only one brother, PERIOD!

7. There may be also others that may make me feel very discomfortable, so please don't feel offended if I decline your requests/artrades.

8. It helps to send me messages (meail or DA notes) and ask me if I can take your requests or not. :) Most of the fanarts listed are based directly on the mangas (rarely anime) that I owned, so I may get some colors & details incorrect (or leave them in grayscale colors). So let's not be so fussy, and just enjoy them! Also many of the fanarts were drawn mainly for fun so the qualtiy does vary.


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